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Fashionista Friday: Jewel’s Ocean Blue Ruffles

Happy Friday, fashionistas! I’m going to the beach for the weekend and to kick off my time there I wanted to share a Fashionista Friday whose outfit reminds me of ocean blue waves. Meet Jewel! She is a Nebraska Goodwill goddess who is an excellent photographer and stylist. She loves to sew and make her […]

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Goodwill Insta Round-Up

I’ve got a confession to make, dear readers. One of my relaxing evening habits to cuddle under a warm blanket and scroll through savvy Goodwill shopping hashtags on Instagram. I can’t tell you how much I love checking out your finds (from Goodwill Stores all over the country!). Scrolling through “#goodwill” “#mygoodwillfind” and “goodwillfinds” gives […]


Fashionista Friday: Babes0naBudget

Today’s DC Goodwill Fashionista mention goes to one of my favorite new fashion Instagram accounts. @Babes0naBudget posts incredible thrifty outfits almost everyday! A woman after my own heart, I’d have to say. Like many of us thrifty fashionistas, this gal definitely has a 9 – 5 where she has to dress professional. She gives cute […]

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