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Best of Guest Blogger: What Does Your Professional Image Say About You?

Imagine this: all eyes on you as you are about to give a major presentation, or how about all eyes on you as you walk into a professional networking social or important meeting? Would you like those eyes to think “WOW!!! How sharp, professional, confident, and polished this person is!” Or will they be thinking […]

lauren: before and after

A Goodwill blazer, two ways

I picked up a blazer during my last trip to Goodwill that is somewhere between slate and navy on the color scale. The tag had been removed, so I wasn’t sure where the piece originated, but I knew a couple of things: the color was awesome, the fit was great, and the fabric felt so […]

Goodwill blazer two ways

Guest Blogger: The Dinner Jacket

To truly stand out at your festive holiday events, consider the dinner jacket. When you hear the words dinner jacket, what images come to mind? To me, the dinner jacket captures the essence of a more romantic era of 1930’s Hollywood. In the golden film era the dinner jacket  became synonymous with elegance, confidence and […]

houndstooth tux

Give thanks in style with Goodwill decor ideas

Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year by hiding out at the end of the month. Thanksgiving is in stealth mode. But it’s time to stop hiding, turkey trays. It’s time to decorate for Thanksgiving. I’m headed home to mom and dad’s for Thanksgiving this year, so I’m not doing much decorating of my own. […]

Goodwill tea light holders

What’s worth the splurge for you?

I caved too fast this month and bought a few wedding magazines. I don’t even have a good defense lined up for you. I just wanted to get the window shopping out of my system. (And I did.) Magazines in general are full of splurges. Since they’re featuring the best and brightest products, you’re not […]

Stolen Riches shoelaces

Guest Blogger: DIY Socks

If you are like me and want to wear open toe heels for as long as possible, socks come in very handy. In this DIY, we will add some more fun to a regular pair of socks with jewel embellishment and sequins. This is also a quick way to recycle and update socks that you […]


My minimalist journey

Having access to a plethora of clothing, accessories, and home goods at perfect prices can be dangerous. How do you know when you have enough? At which point will one’s overstuffed closet actually, truly burst? I don’t have the answer to those questions, but I ask them on a regular basis. I’m preparing for some […]

Donating to Goodwill

Let them wear shorts, I guess

A few weekends ago I noticed quite a few young ladies out and about wearing shorts. It was about 55 degrees out, and breezy (read: it was cold). Some of the women wore thick tights under their shorts. But some of them had their legs out all over the place, covered in the slightest tiny […]

Urban Outfitters winter lookbook

Fashionista Friday: Jamie and Sally

“Any well curated collection requires a pretty significant time investment, but for someone who loves the adventure, the hunt? It’s so worth it.” I completely agree. So today, I bestow Fashionista Friday honors to two women—Jamie and Sally of The Style Lobby. The Style Lobby has all things fashion, beauty, and local fun covered, but […]

The Style Lobby Jamie in Goodwill

Guest Blogger: Thrifting for Quality

When I head into a Goodwill, I usually scan the shoes first, then the handbags, and finally I head to the clothes.  I’m looking for one of two things: a great deal on a quality piece or something that is truly one of a kind.  Naturally, I am drawn to quality: I’ll head straight for […]

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