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fall shoes


Glimmering Silver Tory Burch Reva Flats

Sha-bang! A few months ago, I found these extraordinary, fabulous, beautiful, glitzy, glamorous Tory Burch Reva flats at one of my local Goodwills. I saw them staring at me amongst other pairs of shoes from seemingly miles away – they were definitely calling my name. But! Once I picked them up, I was disappointed and […]


My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Classic Heel with Gold Accents

Dear readers, when I recently brought out my fall shoe collection from storage, I noticed that I was short on black heels. I’ve had one pair that has been my go-to shoes for years. I’ve worn them so much┬áthat I have almost loved to death; the heel is wearing down, the material is becoming dull […]


Trendy Tuesday: The Mule is Back!

I’m putting a stamp of approval on a recent trend that has reestablished itself in the footwear community. That’s right, dear readers, I’m deeming that mule is back and ready to be rocked once again. My first grade teacher had the infamous Candies wooden heeled mules in a rainbow of colors. I distinctly remember lusting […]

mule 3

Move over, booties. Shooties are here.

On a recent morning, my sleepy eyes peered into my electronic mailbox to see what sort of glorious sales the World Wide Web would bestow upon me. Hark! A message from my pals at DSW. But even the subject line threw me: there was talk of “shooties.” I clicked through the email and found myself […]