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#FwdYourFashion this weekend in Brookland

Did you know that during April, little elves have been working to pack up a gigantic, huge, simply marvelous donation to Goodwill? Bozzuto properties all over the east coast have been working with Zipcar, Repax, and Zippy Shell to collect gently used clothing from apartment buildings large and small. For Bozzuto, it’s been Earth Day […]

FwdYourFashion Festival

An Earth Day Challenge

Earth Day brings along with it cheerful messages to reduce, reuse, and recycle. I think we’ve gotten pretty good at reusing (your DIYs totally prove that) and recycling. But what about reducing? As a kid of the 90s, the “more is more!” message was strong. The economy was pretty good and everything from toys to […]


Required Reading: Ecouterre

Wondering what’s next in sustainable fashion? Not sure how you could ever support eco-friendly fashion when you’re on a budget? Ecouterre is your source for sustainable style. There’s a wide range of topics on the site, from the serious—like a factory fire in Bangladesh—to the light and fun, like giveaways that expose you to the […]


On Earth Day, do your part at Goodwill!

  Earth Day is here, and since I just took a journey to Goodwill for some needed household goods (more on that soon!), I’m basking in the glow of the 3 Rs: Reducing, reusing, and recycling! The above video is from early 2012, but the information is still true: just about everything you donate to […]

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Your Goodwill donations really make a difference!

Because you’re a savvy Goodwill shopper, you know that cleaning out your closets and donating your clothing and housewares to Goodwill provides savings to other shoppers. But your donations also contribute to our training and assistance programs for locals that are unemployed or underemployed. While you’re patting yourself on the back for keeping items out […]


3 fall accessories I love—and they’re eco-friendly!

Fall fashions are steadily making their way to online and local retailers, and the urge to stock up can be irresistible. But how can you really know what you need for fall without having to drag your winter wares down from the attic or out from under the bed? If you can’t resist the urge, […]

Paper People Clothing