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Meetup Recap: The Crew Goes to Bowie, MD!

After a week of packed plans, I was relieved as soon as I walked into the Bowie, MD store during the morning of our monthly Meetup on 8/18. Whenever I walk into a Goodwill, I always feel a sense of relaxation, knowing that I’m in my sanctuary of good deals and great style.  I think […]

bowie 4

Fashionista Friday: Designer Miu Miu Accessory Haul Magic

Fashionistas, I know today’s going to be a bit of a crazy day down in Washington, DC. So I want to take you on a virtual trip down south for a quick mental break and enjoy some classic and incredible Goodwill finds! Today’s Fashionista Friday is an absolute Georgia Goodwill genius. She always finds the […]

Designer Miu Miu Accessory Haul Magic

A fine leather bag by Bottega Veneta

I’m proud to say that I found this designer bag (buy here!) on my very own at Goodwill (at our Glebe Road store in Arlington). It wasn’t below the glass at the front counter with the other fine goods—it was on the purse and handbag rack among a wide variety of styles. I quietly chose […]

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