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Guest Blogger: See the Light with One-of-a-Kind Lamps

How many of us have lamps in our homes or offices that are solely functional and almost unnoticeable except when turned on or off? When decorating, we often consider art just being for the walls.  However, with a little vision and some creativity, you can easily transform an old or generic lamp into a bright, […]

lamps painting

Find frugal Valentine fun at Goodwill

Okay, guys and gals. Have you figured out how to wow your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day? If you’re still working on your strategy, here are a few easy DIYs that DC Goodwill can help you create!   All you need to make Valentine’s tea cups and saucers is a Sharpie marker! Pen N’ Paperflowers has some […]

Pen n' Paperflowers  Sharpie DIY

Patriotism on a budget, with The Goodwill Gal

I was so pleased to see my friend The Goodwill Gal in the Arizona Republic this month! The Star told us what we Fashionistas already knew: The Goodwill Gal has a serious eye for Goodwill bargains, and has a good sense for home decor to match. In the feature on Lisa and her “House of […]

The Goodwill Gal