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Jolie in Joie Black & Gray Striped Sweater

Every fashionista needs a few comfy basic sweater staples in their closet, and today’s #MyGoodwillFind might be one to add to your collection. Buy It Now This designer brand Joie in a size small is made with cotton and polyester material with several stripes on the body  and the sleeves. It fits pretty snug, however, if you’re […]


A Mini Saturday Shopping Tour with the Ladies

Fashionistas, instead of hitting Goodwill stores by myself, I brought some lady friends along, to show them how many Goodwill stores were in the area. And let me tell you this: we had an awesome time. The day started out by meeting for coffee and breakfast treats in College Park at a shop called Vigilante, […]

kitchen tray

Guest Blogger: Arm Swag

I take my jewelry cues from Mr. T. and clothing isn’t the only thing I’ll be layering this season. You see, I have a mild obsession with what I call “arm swag.” As the name implies, it’s a party on your arm. Sparked by my growing collection of bracelets, I noticed that I loved them […]

arm swag

A Goodwill blazer, two ways

I picked up a blazer during my last trip to Goodwill that is somewhere between slate and navy on the color scale. The tag had been removed, so I wasn’t sure where the piece originated, but I knew a couple of things: the color was awesome, the fit was great, and the fabric felt so […]

Goodwill blazer two ways

Guest Blogger: The Dinner Jacket

To truly stand out at your festive holiday events, consider the dinner jacket. When you hear the words dinner jacket, what images come to mind? To me, the dinner jacket captures the essence of a more romantic era of 1930’s Hollywood. In the golden film era the dinner jacket  became synonymous with elegance, confidence and […]

houndstooth tux

Fashionista Friday: Carlis’s Tweed Jacket

Carlis, Fashionista Friday veteran, wows us again this week. Not only is she rocking Goodwill on the streets of DC—she’s also doing it in a blazer she got from Goodwill last year. Revisiting past loves? Sounds like a successful Goodwill purchase to me. She wrote on the Spicy Candy DC blog, “Cleaning out my closet […]

Goodwill tweed jacket

Fashionista Friday: Jessica’s Vintage Wedding Plates

Planning a wedding isn’t easy. Doing so when you’ve just dealt with the government shutdown? Even harder. So this week, I’m admiring Jessica’s creativity in the face of budget adversity. On her blog Adventures of the Repatriate, Jessica recently shared beautiful images of a brunch celebration she hosted at her home. She explained that she […]

Goodwill place settings

Best of Guest Blogger: Five Things to Buy Vintage

I have been thrifting and collecting vintage clothing for close to a decade, even longer if you count the days as a kid, when my father would take me to flea markets and thrift shops to find weekly bargains and dusty old furniture that my mother despised. As you can imagine, throughout that time I […]

vintage fur coat

Give thanks in style with Goodwill decor ideas

Thanksgiving snuck up on me this year by hiding out at the end of the month. Thanksgiving is in stealth mode. But it’s time to stop hiding, turkey trays. It’s time to decorate for Thanksgiving. I’m headed home to mom and dad’s for Thanksgiving this year, so I’m not doing much decorating of my own. […]

Goodwill tea light holders

What’s worth the splurge for you?

I caved too fast this month and bought a few wedding magazines. I don’t even have a good defense lined up for you. I just wanted to get the window shopping out of my system. (And I did.) Magazines in general are full of splurges. Since they’re featuring the best and brightest products, you’re not […]

Stolen Riches shoelaces
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