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cropped pants


Love it or Leave it? Cropped Pants With Socks

Readers, I just came back from NYC the other weekend and gosh did I miss DC! That city is always hustling and bustling! Even the streets stay lively with action throughout the night. Aside from the craziness of the city, one thing that separates DC from NYC is the fashion. In DC, I often stand […]

cropped 3

Fashionista-approved trend: Cropped pants

They’ve been on the scene long enough that if you don’t already have a pair (or two or three), it might be time to seek out some slim, cropped pants.   Trust me when I say that women of every size and shape can wear slim-fit pants. The trick is not to focus on the […]

Cropped pants

Rosy summer

It’s not often that we offer you the opportunity to adopt an entire outfit from the DCGF’s closet, but this pairing was too cute to split up. First up is a polo from Fore Golf International. Information on this brand was not easily uncovered in my brief search, but the materials–a cotton/polyester blend lead me […]

White top and pink pants