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Baby and Me Matching Upcycle

One of my guiltiest pleasures is making “mommy and me” looks for my daughter and I.  Cheesy?  Perhaps, but I’m thoroughly enjoying these moments of her not having an opinion on what she wears…I’m sure that will change soon!  I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes upcycle thrifted adult clothing into baby clothes, but this time I decided to […]

cut shirt

60’s Metallic Meets the Modern Disco

Saturday nights are for partying, fashionistas! And this #MyGoodwillFind look is one you should ABSOLUTELY wear on one of your fun and relaxing nights. Every fashionista needs at least one ankle-length or maxi dress to rock with any type of black top. A leotard, an off-the-shoulder blouse… you name it, it will work with a […]

60's Metallic Meets the Modern Disco

Friday’s Five Under $5: Vintage Summer Staples

Fashionistas, one thing I love love LOVE about summer is the fact I can start busting out all my snazzy, new-to-me, vintage finds and rock them on the streets, at the pool, at home… everywhere! Summer, to me, is all about vibrant colors and funky fashion. So this season, I’m embracing vintage to the next […]

Friday's Five Under $5 Vintage Summer Staples

3 Steps to Turn Your T-Shirt into a Halter Crop Top

Fashionistas, this past weekend, I picked up an old (dated 1990) Harley Davidson shirt for only a couple of bucks. Even though it was DEFINITELY not my size, I knew I had to take it home with me, because I’m such a big sucker for everything and anything vintage. After taking it home, I thought […]


Guest Blogger: Bargain Hunter Turned Blogger

Goodwill has been my favorite store for as long as I could remember. Even in high school you could find me at the local one digging through the racks trying to find bright colored cardigans and random t-shirts. It’s safe to say my style has since expanded from those days. Lucky for me they opened […]


Have Belly Shirts Made a Comeback?

Dear readers, belly shirts and crop tops are making a serious comeback and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m really on the fence. Part of me says “Oh no,” but part of me says, “Oh. heck yes!” The reason why I say no, is based on some recent experiences. Lately, while walking […]


My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Winter Crop Top

Dear readers, after much debate, I think its safe to say that the crop top will remain around in its various form for a while. It’s been widely debated as showing too much skin, looking too juvenile, and borderlining on a not-so-classy appearance. I’ve flip-flopped on how I feel about it but after giving it […]


Summertime strolling at the Fashion Yards

“Do you love to shop and consider yourself a fashionista? Reserve June 7th in your calendar and get ready for a unique shopping spree at The Yards as several 4-wheeled fashion boutiques merge together in one lane for one day at “FASHION YARDS”. You will find everything from vintage jewels and threads to $10-and-under dresses […]


Fashionista Friday: Dimika

This week’s Fashionista comes all the way from Alabama, so you can be sure she proved her style from afar. Dimika is a proud Goodwill shopper who’s able to achieve a lot of style on a little bit of budget. She wowed me with this comfortable and chic look because of one key element: the […]

Dimika C. Goodwill style

Trend I hate: Crop tops

I hate crop tops. We can be honest on this here fashion blog, right? I hope so. Because I can’t really keep it in anymore. I’m sure my aversion to not-quite-finished shirts stems from my memories of the 1990s (braces, not being allowed to go to a No Doubt concert). It probably also comes from […]

Crop tops