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Columbia Pike Goodwill


My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Cole Haan Loafers

There are few things that excite me when I’m Goodwill shopping like spotting a pair of designer shoes. Honestly, my favorite Goodwill finds are almost always shoes. Why is that? Well, besides the fact that I have a self-diagnosed shoe addiction, I really believe that my Goodwill shoes are the best value of all my finds. […]

Cole Haan

Meetup Recap: Columbia Pike Arlington, VA

As expected, the April Goodwill Meetup was another one for the books. All of my DC Goodwill shopping friends came out and everyone left with baskets full of items. As we transition into our new Finding Your Good site, these Meetups will still continue and I will be on site to provide any styling tips […]

columbia pike meetup 1

Fashionista Friday: Babes0naBudget

Today’s DC Goodwill Fashionista mention goes to one of my favorite new fashion Instagram accounts. @Babes0naBudget posts incredible thrifty outfits almost everyday! A woman after my own heart, I’d have to say. Like many of us thrifty fashionistas, this gal definitely has a 9 – 5 where she has to dress professional. She gives cute […]

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Saturday Spotlight: Arlington Goodwill on Columbia Pike

The DCGF’s Take: The Columbia Pike Goodwill in Arlington, VA is undeniably my favorite store of Goodwill of Greater Washington’s. While on the smaller side in comparison to others I will be featuring, this store never comes up short on seriously amazing finds. This store is a shoe lover’s paradise, dear readers. Back in my […]