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It’s time for New Year’s (fashion) resolutions!

Despite the winter doldrums, I do enjoy the fresh start that January provides. We’ve got fresh, unmarked calendars! Everyone is going to the gym with gusto! Storage bins are on sale! Whether you’re hoping to eat better, move around more, or achieve some other goal in 2013, I knew there had to be some fashion […]

Organized closet

The seasonal wardrobe switch: When’s the right time?

In the past few weeks, I’ve picked up a few new pieces for summer (you saw a few of them in my last video!), and I’ve also come home with a few winter and year-round pieces. The shopping hasn’t been too out of hand, but my closet is suffering. It’s definitely time to start thinking […]


Guest Blogger: New Year Resolutions with Style

Every year, millions of people make resolutions on January 1st to lose weight, travel more, get a degree, and make a major life change.  Every year, millions of these people break their resolution before the start of February. Instead of your standard resolution to make a major change, why not start the New Year with […]