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Guest Blogger: Upcycle a Tie Rack into Headband Storage

I’m not sure how it happened, but one day I looked into my daughter’s closet and realized I had accumulated A LOT of headbands.  My husband says I have a baby headband addiction – ha! Unfortunately when it comes to accessories, the mantra “out of sight, out of mind” is certainly true for me.  I […]

tie rack

Guest Blogger: 3 Rules to Organizing a Closet with Goodwill

After 9 years of being a military spouse, I’ve gotten really good at moving, organizing, and saving money while making each new house a home. When my husband and I moved to our little apartment in Washington D.C., I headed straight to almost every single Goodwill in the area to get our home in order. […]

3 Rules to Organizing a Closet with Goodwill

Ending the year on a fresh note

As we wind down 2014, the time has come to prepare for a fresh start, dear readers. For us fashionistas, that almost always means a closet audit, complete with emotional partings of our favorite LBDs and total reorganization of our most coveted spaces. There is a positive to all that cleaning, though: a brimming bag […]


Spring cleaning? #SpringClear with Goodwill!

It’s been a rough winter with the Polar Vortex and snow, but dear readers, I’m beginning to hear the birds chirp outside my window and the sun is out much longer….which means spring is just around the corner! Hooray! Why not celebrate the changing seasons together…with a little spring cleaning! I’m sure you’re due for […]

Clutter Diet Before & After