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Guest Blogger: DIY Breakfast at Tiffany’s Plates

Pinterest has been one of my consistent sources of DIY inspiration. I wanted to take a Pinterest-y project and combine it with a thrift-store find to come up with something new and fashion themed. Challenge accepted. I’ve always been drawn to the Sharpie mug art trend. If you aren’t familiar with the idea, basically you take […]

Breakfast at Tiffany's DIY Plates

DCGF Q & A: Push through the “noise” in your closet

With Earth Day just around the corner, I’m thinking a lot about repurposing and recycling—naturally, in my closet. I got in touch with Kaarin Vembar, stylist-in-chief at Closet Caucus, to find out how she helps her clients clean up their closets without tossing more trash in our landfills. She’s got tons of tips you can […]

Rooftop photo to the right

It’s time for New Year’s (fashion) resolutions!

Despite the winter doldrums, I do enjoy the fresh start that January provides. We’ve got fresh, unmarked calendars! Everyone is going to the gym with gusto! Storage bins are on sale! Whether you’re hoping to eat better, move around more, or achieve some other goal in 2013, I knew there had to be some fashion […]

Organized closet

Guest Blogger: Lessons Learned from My Top 3 Thrifted Finds

1) The Short, Poofy Dress I’m a professional fashion consultant, so I’m interested in certain information that I can gather from labels. It can give me clues to who made the item (obviously), when it was made, and what I can expect about the quality of the garment based on the company. Even though I […]


Shy or sheer? Summer’s favorite continues into fall

This spring and summer, I’ve been raising my eyebrows and pursing my lips at the heaps of sheer clothing that’s everywhere I look—from big fashion magazines to small-town blogs. Sheer items usually come down the runway with no second layer to serve as a safety net, but sheer clothing often leaves me reaching for an […]

Sheer polka dress