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Saturday Six Under Six: Fall Favorites

This month’s Six Under Six series continues on with some favorite items that I’ve scored and love to wear in the fall. Cool weather style is all about layers – but, that can get expensive! Tank, blouse, sweater, jacket, pants, socks, legwarmers, boots: that is a lot of cash just for one outfit. Who is […]


Six Under Six: Accessory Edition

You know, dear readers, I follow a lot of style bloggers and flip through the pages of all the world’s most popular fashion magazines each month. A lot of the time, I am left feeling baffled at how these women afford such amazing wardrobes. I’m still trying to make sure I budget enough to get […]


Guest Blogger: $25 Goodwill Accessory Hunt

I had the pleasure of visiting Goodwill last week, and I hit the baubles jackpot!  Prior to entering the store, I gave myself a budget of $25 {which I could not exceed} and scribbled an informal “wish list” of things I wanted to find.  I’m always on the prowl for vintage inspired clutch bags, sunglasses […]