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Fashionista Friday: Michele’s Chambray Poolside Goodwill Look

We have a few more days to soak up the sun fashionistas, and today’s Fashionista Friday is showing us how to do that in Goodwill style. Michele, a fashionista hailing from New Jersey, is a Goodwill fanatic and lover of all things fashion. She’s a fitness enthusiast with a passion for bargain shopping and name […]

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Fashionista Friday: Designer on a Dime

If you haven’t checked out this Friday Fashionista’s blog and @commutinginfashion’s Instagram account yet….you have to right now! I first discovered her on Instagram when she liked some of my content and was also delighted to see that she comments on this blog, too. Maddie is not only a Goodwill lover, but an avid and […]

Addie loafers

My Favorite Thing (from Goodwill): Chambray Blazer via Halogen

Remember back last summer when I said I didn’t think chambray really had a place in the office? Well, since then, you’ve convinced me that it can be done with some strategic styling. So, I’ll be honest, I’ve been on the look out for the right chambray-esque piece to add to my work rotation. I […]


Fashionista Friday: Jenny’s Layered Chambray

Remember that post I wrote a few weeks ago about how most people look at chambray and think denim, therefore it shouldn’t be worn professionally? Well, after doing a little perusing on Instagram, I came across Jenny’s layered chambray look and couldn’t help but think this is the epitome of “dressed up” chambray. It could […]


Chambray in the office

I am making a style confession today, dear readers. I’m talking about our favorite summery fabric; our beloved warm weather layering piece: chambray. I was catching up with a friend over the weekend and he was asking my opinion on chambray in the office after sharing with me that his coworker was recently sent home […]


A “jort” story and style guide

I’ve had a long history with jean shorts (that which we will refer to as jorts from here on out). As a child of the nineties, the jort was the coolest bottom; a perfect match to your daisy crop top and glitter jellies. I carried my love of the jort into my teens and battled […]


My favorite thing (from Goodwill): A summer dress—two ways!

It’s been a while since I showed off one of my favorite finds from Goodwill! My recent visit to Goodwill Keystone Area resulted in an armload of beautiful bargains. This lightweight denim dress is possibly the softest, most comfortable dress I’ve ever worn. It’s not a bank-breaker—just Target’s standard Mossimo brand—but I couldn’t resist the […]

Goodwill summer dress

My favorite thing (from Goodwill): Chambray

Will chambray still be “in” this spring? Serious question. I finally bit the fad and got myself a little chambray number—for a bargain, of course! On a recent trip to the Glebe Road store, I grabbed this Old Navy chambray button-up for just under $5. The retail price wouldn’t have been much more, but this […]


Classic denim

If you’ve been doing your reading (and I know you read all the mags, fashionistas!), you know that chambray is in for spring. Online shopping sites are chock-full of lightweight denim pieces—from shirts to shirtdresses—for spring and summer. Fashion-types will probably always debate whether denim is appropriate for anything but casual weekends, but lighter chambray […]

chambray skirt

Guest Blogger: Recent Goodwill Additions

Hello, DC Goodwill Fashionista readers!  As a follower of this blog and a lover of anything vintage, coming up with a post topic for you all was surprisingly a little difficult. Maybe it is my indecisiveness or just overload of ideas in my head. I have decided to show you some of my latest finds […]