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What I Wore: Work Travel Style

From time to time I travel for my job, attending company meetings, photo shoots and everything in between. To keep transit speedy, I try to pack light to avoid checking luggage. That extra hour in line at the airport could mean I miss an important meeting! When preparing to travel, I always try to pack […]

mod dress batwing sleeve

My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): BDG Ankle Jeans

If you’ve been following my daily outfit posts, you’ve probably noticed that I have an undeniable favorite pair of jeans to wear in the summer. You’re following me (@thedcgf), right? Right! We’ve all got a favorite pair of jeans. They’re American classics! Mine come in the form of stretch denim, high waist and of course, […]


Fashionista Friday: Christine’s Loft wrap dress

Christine is not only my coworker but more importantly, she is undeniably one of the most fashion forward women I have ever worked alongside. A native to Long Island, New York, Christine has brought her big apple style straight down to the DMV; she has a keen eye for accessorizing, is constantly on top of […]


Guest Blogger: How to Work Casual Friday for Upward Mobility

As we all look forward to spring, everyone is looking forward to changing out their wardrobe with brighter colors and cooler fabrics. ┬áBut don’t let your excitement carry you away into the workplace when it comes to casual Fridays. The phrase is enough to send shivers up my spine! What can pass as professional dress […]