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Fashionista Friday: A Collection of Capes and Cardigans

Dearest fashionistas, many types of items can add a touch of warmth to a look that is making you feel chilly. Coats, blazers, ponchos…..the options are endless. Today’s Fashionista Friday shows us a lot of options likes capes and cardigans that will keep you comfy and looking super cute! I found @BaileyMichelle88’s Instagram feed while I […]

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3 New Ways to Rock a Cardigan This Fall

Over the past year, I seem to have phased out wearing cardigans in favor of rocking blazers, big open sweaters, and jackets over sleeveless tops. I still have them in my wardrobe, tons actually, but I somehow completely forgot about them as a wardrobe options. I guess we all go through phases, right? This one […]

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Style confession: I love huge sweaters

It’s about time I admitted it to all of you. I’m obsessed with over-sized, baggy sweaters. I’m not talking about sweaters in my size that were made to be longer or slouchier. I’m talking about XL sweaters. Guys’ sweaters. Grandpa style. I have my suspicions: a baggy sweater evens out the stick-ness of skinny jeans. […]

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