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Fashionista Friday: Sahra’s Sassy Slouchy Day Dress

Happy Friday, Fashionistas! It’s almost Memorial Day and you know what that means?! It’s time to whip out more flouncy and fun warm weather dresses! Today’s Fashionista Friday is already ahead of the curve. Sahra is a popular DC fashion blogger with a wicked sense of style and taste. She owns her own fashion blog […]

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Fashionista Friday: Sherrie’s Sassy Blue Retro-Inspired Dress

Dearest fashionistas, today’s Fashionista Friday has an eye for bold color and style. Sherrie, today’s feature is a Goodwill lover, a graphic designer, and a lover of all things Goodwill. She loves to travel, create indie films and shop at her local Goodwills right down in Florida. Because Sherrie is a graphic designer, her outfits […]


Guest Blogger: Style Over Shoulder Pads

If you have not yet heard of the “Goodwill Date” that has recently gone viral, you can read a short blurb about here:  Goodwill date night: Couples’ funny date night idea featuring thrift store outfits goes viral. Basically, two couples plan a dinner out together, but before heading to the restaurant, they make a stop […]


Fashionista Friday: Carina’s Blue Cross Front Michael Kors Dress

Today’s California Goodwill Fashionista, dear readers, is Carina a woman who always shows us her Goodwill love on Instagram using the #MyGoodwillFind hashtag. On a daily basis she posts pictures of her Goodwill scores, most of them being super cute dresses, including the one I’m featuring today. Although Michael Kors isn’t my go-to brand, (read here), Carina’s Michael Kors […]

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Fashionista Friday: Karen

This week’s Fashionista is a student with a keen eye for thrifty deals. And she’s not afraid to travel to find them! Karen writes the County Meanderings blog, where topics include recipes and home cooking along with thrifty fashion. She’s a self-proclaimed “thriftanista.” A glance at her blog proves that Karen knows her stuff. She […]