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black skirt


What I Wore: Athletic Meets Edgy Vintage

Fashionistas, I’m especially excited this morning because I get the opportunity to share one of my favorite looks as of late. Why is it one of my favorite looks? It combines almost all of my favorite types of attire into one cohesive look. Sometimes it’s difficult to mesh styles and pieces together. At first glance, […]

What I Wore Althletic: Meets Edgy Vintage

Work Appropriate, Yes or No?

Fashionistas, I’m kicking off the week asking you all to weigh about a question that we all battle with on occasion: is it work appropriate? I’m sure you’ve all experienced this at least once: putting an outfit together one more with particular items that you aren’t sure if it’s okay for the office. I know […]


Leather forever

It’s amazing to acknowledge how far one great leather piece can go in your closet. Whether it’s the jacket you reach for almost every morning or the boots you zip up before a night out, the durability and timeless style of leather can really boost your closet’s staying power. And so, for your review, I […]

Leather skirt