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Glass Platters Add Flair as Artsy Bird Baths

An upcycled glass platter is sure to capture the attention of birds as well as your family, friends, and neighbors when it steps up as a functional art piece and bird bath.   Move these glass platters from the coffee table or buffet into your yard or garden where they will be eye-catching centerpieces. Ability level:  Easy […]


Upcycle Pretty Plates Into Fancy Bird Feeders

Goodwill always has a nice selection of pretty plates, teacups, and saucers which are the perfect things to upcycle into fancy bird feeders for your outdoor space. You can make a fancy bird feeder several ways.  This video offers a few ideas, including hanging bird feeders and ones you poke into the ground. No matter […]

1. Upcycled Birdfeeder