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My favorite thing (from Goodwill): Crossbody bag

I’m absolutely smitten by my new bag, courtesy of pop-up shop at The Art of Fashion last week. I know it’s only been a few days, but it’s become by new favorite go-to bag. This relationship escalated fast. Made by Urban Outfitters’ exclusive brand Ecote, this vegan bag has a rich mahogany hue, bright, brassy […]

Ecote Studded Professor Satchel

Playing bag bingo

Bag Bingo by dcgf featuring a patent leather tote I’ve turned into my mother.For as long as I can remember, she’s been persnickity about handbags. Whenever her trusty blue or black cross-body bag would get worn at the strap or the clasp, my sister or I would attempt to buy her a suitable replacement at […]


What to Thrift: The Three B’s

Fall is a great time to re-evaluate your wardrobe to see what’s missing or what needs to go in the Goodwill pile. If you’re short on cash or just love the thrill of the hunt, the 3 B’s are great places to start building—or rebuilding—your wardrobe.  1. Boots Thrifting is the only way to find […]


Clutch criticism

New York Magazine’s The Cut is one of my very favorite places to get up-to-the-minute fashion news (with a good dose of gossip). But a recent slideshow made me crabby. The super-blog declared over-sized portfolio clutches as “the bag of the season,” noting that candidates in the category must “be strapless and the size of […]

The Cut Portfolio slideshow

3 fall accessories I love—and they’re eco-friendly!

Fall fashions are steadily making their way to online and local retailers, and the urge to stock up can be irresistible. But how can you really know what you need for fall without having to drag your winter wares down from the attic or out from under the bed? If you can’t resist the urge, […]

Paper People Clothing

Brand new bags for fall (to splurge on or save!)

Bags (Splurge and Save) for Fall by dcgf featuring a foldover clutch Something about thinking about going back to school in the fall makes me want to buy new bags by the dozen. I never need that many, and I am never wise enough to buy a sensible bag that will hold my school books. […]


Fashion Forward: A double-dose of Coach

Reader Melissa posted a photo on our Facebook wall a few days ago that made us double-take: She found two Coach bags in amazing condition while shopping at our Arlington location. Her bill? Just under $30—for both bags! The sporty style on the right is a more modern Coach bag, ready for errands, adventures, or […]

Melissa's purse finds