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My Goodwill Find: I’m Moving to Italy!

This past year has been full of transitions!  I had a baby, left my teaching job, started blogging for Goodwill, and am now moving to Italy for my husband’s job.  Funny enough when I told people that our family was moving to Italy, one of the main responses was: Does Italy have Goodwill stores for you?!  Haha! Sadly […]

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Baby and Me Matching Upcycle

One of my guiltiest pleasures is making “mommy and me” looks for my daughter and I.  Cheesy?  Perhaps, but I’m thoroughly enjoying these moments of her not having an opinion on what she wears…I’m sure that will change soon!  I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes upcycle thrifted adult clothing into baby clothes, but this time I decided to […]

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Guest Blogger: Goodwill Shopping Guide for New and Expectant Moms

Exactly one year ago, I found out I was pregnant.  I couldn’t contain my excitement, and I wanted to go out and buy ALLLLLLL the baby things.  There are so many baby things to buy, and it can add up quickly.  Many moms rely on baby showers to help decrease the cost of setting up […]


Stylish kids: Important, or a matter of luck?

A friend asked me to write about kids’ fashion, for the sole reason that kids are darned cute. I stalled and procrastinated for a long time. The sole reason for my procrastination is that I see adorable kids’ outfits as an impossible, adorable goal. I’m turning to you, dear reader. How do you (or did […]

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