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How to wear a fun animal print without looking like a pre-teen

I don’t think it’s any secret that I love cats. If I looked back at my tenure as the DCGF, I’d probably be embarrassed at the number of times I’ve mentioned my cat or shown off photos of him. In fact, here’s one right now! When you love a type of animal or object from […]

My cat


Your very own DCGF was nothing if not overwhelmed with animals this weekend. Between my own beloved kittehs (you know Harry and Penny, dear readers) and a veritable menagerie at the place I was house/pet-sitting, I felt like Dr. Doolittle, only without the great hat. And as I’m perusing new collections and offerings online this […]

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Here’s What It Is

Ooh, the guesses today are kinda close, but not quite right. It’s a pet costume! Yes, even your four-legged friends can get decked out for Halloween from Goodwill. This set of cat pigtails (not making this up, people) cost just $2. Harry loves (i.e. hates) it! “We are not amused!” Goodwill’s fashion blog provides detailed […]