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My Favorite Thing (from Goodwill): Jewel Toned Statement Necklace

Did you ever have one of those moments, dear readers, where you see something at Goodwill and it fits so perfectly into your wardrobe that you can’t believe you didn’t already have it? That was my experience when I saw this jewel toned statement necklace, my favorite Goodwill find for June. I was walking into […]

jewel toned statement necklace

Six Under Six: Accessory Edition

You know, dear readers, I follow a lot of style bloggers and flip through the pages of all the world’s most popular fashion magazines each month. A lot of the time, I am left feeling baffled at how these women afford such amazing wardrobes. I’m still trying to make sure I budget enough to get […]


A “jort” story and style guide

I’ve had a long history with jean shorts (that which we will refer to as jorts from here on out). As a child of the nineties, the jort was the coolest bottom; a perfect match to your daisy crop top and glitter jellies. I carried my love of the jort into my teens and battled […]


Guest Blogger: Step into summer

I want to take this opportunity in my last guest post to thank our current DC Goodwill Fashionista for serving this community of readers over the past three years. Her work on this blog has not only enticed me to become an avid shopper of the amazing Goodwill of Greater Washington stores but more importantly, […]

Marc Jacobs Spring 2014