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Swimwear of the Season: One-Pieces

If there’s one thing I’m looking for at Goodwill every spring and summer – it’s swimsuits. Despite the fact that I already have a massive collection, I can’t help myself when I find suits from the 60’s-80’s. They fit me very well, are timelessly fashionable, and durable enough to withstand all beach shenanigans. There’s a reason they’re […]

retro swim 1

My Favorite Thing (from Goodwill): Black Vintage Palazzo Pants

Dear readers, I’m here to kick off my first post as the new DC Goodwill Fashionista (read my previous DCGF guest posts) with one of my favorite finds of all time from Goodwill! And let me tell you something about myself, I’ve been shopping at Goodwill for a really really long time and I have […]

unedited mural pose

Great Givenchy!

Get out your 80s power suit! Wait…you don’t have one? Relax. Goodwill‘s got one for you! This dress is the ultimate 80s look for the strong, independent working woman. Get into those offices, ladies! Break those glass ceilings! Better yet—do it while wearing Givenchy! That’s right, this totally 80s suit dress is from the famous […]

Givenchy dress from Goodwill

Grab this Goodwill bargain from my own closet!

If you kept track of our first pop-up shop last summer, you might remember me showing off one of my favorite Goodwill finds: a vintage Escada skirt that I got at a mere, mere fraction of the original cost—I had the original price tag to prove it! Now, it’s time for me to part ways […]

1980s Escada skirt