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Saturday Six Under Six: Popping Pink Pieces

Each year, we see an influx of pink in October. I think we can all agree that it’s not the first color that comes to mind in the fall but it undeniably has its place in our October wardrobes. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month and if you are looking to show your support in raising awareness for this disease which affects 200,000 women and 2,000 men each year (CDC), here are six popping pink items you can rock for under six bucks, courtesy of your local Goodwill. I am all about saving some cash and you will be too after you see what you can save on these six items.

Pink Sweater: If you want your pink to come in a warmer form, Goodwill has you covered for under $6.00. Women’s sweaters usually range between $4.00 to $6.00 with sales. On the last Goodwill Bus Tour, I snagged this brand new Banana Republic sweater for $4.98. It gets better though, dear readers. This piece was 100% cashmere. What!? This probably cost its original owner around $100.00. I can tell you I would never pay that for anything – much less a simple sweater!


Pink Silk Blouse: I love a good shell style top for work and play. I scored this Gap popping coralish pink shell for $1.98 on sale at the Columbia Pike Goodwill. You know I am always talking about how I search for pieces with versatility. This is a prime example! It’s a top that is easily paired under a blazer or cardigan for work and also looks great as a stand-alone piece with jeans and wedges for casual wear. I like pieces like this with a little detailing. This has feathered chiffon in a diagonal pattern across the chest; it gives this Gap top some great texture and shape.


Pink Cropped Pants: I have to hand it to my partner in Goodwill adventures, Shanna, on this find. I’ve deemed cropped pants in for good so anytime I can find them in my size, I snag them! Shanna found these hot, hot pink ones at the Falls Church Goodwill. I jumped for joy when they were in my size and… they were J Crew! The J Crew Minnie Crop is a hugely popular style so finding them for $5.98 was a steal considering they’re usually sold for around $80.00. Yippee!

These are currently at the cleaners but here is sneak peek!

These are currently at the cleaners but here is sneak peek!

Pink Button Down: This style blouse is a working woman’s staple. A button down makes the perfect mate to a pencil skirt or slacks for office wear. I wear business attire more than “regular” clothes so I get bored with the basic whites and blues that we think of when we say business casual. This Banana Republic button down costs me a mere $4.98 and check out the deep, lush color. This popping pink gives my 9-5 some personality. A shirt like this would normally cost around $60.00 at Banana. It goes without saying why I got mine from Goodwill.


Pink Dress: I snagged this little pink number at the Annandale Plaza Goodwill for $6.73 on Customer Appreciation Day (aka 25% off on Tuesdays!). I hadn’t seen this brand before but I really like the sleeves and flattering cut of this dress. The soft pink makes a great piece for any social affair; it is feminine but not overly in-your-face pink. Once I did a little research, I found out this a London based brand and their dresses sell from $65.00 to $100.00 brand new. Cha-ching. That’s why we research brands, right? I like this piece ten times more knowing that I saved $60.00 plus dollars on it!


Pink Infinity Scarf:  Ah, the perfect fall accessory: the infinity scarf. Do you ever see those diagrams for the ten thousand ways you can tie a scarf? Well, if you are like me – I just can’t nail the crazy ties from looking at paper! That’s okay, though. I found this H&M infinity scarf at the Columbia Pike store for $2.00 and all I have to do is wrap it twice around my neck and it looks tres chic! Scarves are a fabulous way to add color and spice up a basic outfit! Love it.


Do you have a favorite item you’d like to submit for the Six Under Six series? If so, email me a picture, price and which Goodwill you found it at!

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