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Perfect work pants, volume II

Gap pants at GoodwillI told you about my favorite pair of perfect work pants found at Edited for Goodwill, but I didn’t reveal that I actually found two great pairs of pants at the event. I promise, these are just as work-appropriate as the last.

These red pants (place a bid here!) are by the Gap, and are ideal for the creative or casual office where your outfit is expected to pop as much as your personality! And, naturally, they’re just as good for play.

It’s a pair of basic pants that will go far if you need it! Belt loops help you accessorize (and keep your pants on), and these cotton pants with a bit of stretch have a smooth front—no bunchy pockets here.

They’re a size 4 and would be best on someone shorter than 5’8″. Take it from me—they were a bit short for me to keep them for my own!

I’ve sometimes heard red referred to as a “neutral” color in the fashion world. All that means is that the color allows for plenty of variety, and it’s easy to build an ensemble around red on a primary outfit piece. Black and white go great with these pants—a blouse and sweater combo, perhaps? Navy is another good match (just watch for overdoing it on the nautical side). Don’t forget about opportunities to pair with rich brown, camel, teal (yes, I just suggested that) or pale yellow.

How would you style these bold pants?

Any purchase made at a Goodwill Retail Store or on the DC Goodwill eBay Store funds Goodwill’s mission of training and employment programs for people with disadvantages or disabilities.

Copyright Goodwill of Greater Washington.

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