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Fashionista Friday: Tickled Pink in Diane von Furstenberg

Dear readers, I spotted Lauren’s Instagram and Blog when I was thrilled to see her use the #mygoodwillfind hashtag on one of her fabulous and colorful posts. Hailing from NYC, Lauren is a style maven (and a rockin’ mommy), with a flair for style, bright colors, and stellar Goodwill finds. Scrolling through her social accounts, you can […]

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Guest Blogger: Bargain Hunter Turned Blogger

Goodwill has been my favorite store for as long as I could remember. Even in high school you could find me at the local one digging through the racks trying to find bright colored cardigans and random t-shirts. It’s safe to say my style has since expanded from those days. Lucky for me they opened […]


Calypso St. Barth Peter Pan Collared Blouse

The first time I heard of Calypso St. Barth was a long time ago when I worked at a vintage designer boutique in Georgetown. A few blocks away, when walking to grab lunch, I noticed that a Calypso store had recently opened. I had never heard of this brand before, so being the inquisitive person that […]


Have Belly Shirts Made a Comeback?

Dear readers, belly shirts and crop tops are making a serious comeback and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m really on the fence. Part of me says “Oh no,” but part of me says, “Oh. heck yes!” The reason why I say no, is based on some recent experiences. Lately, while walking […]


A Guide to Madewell’s Clothing Tags

Dear readers, I’m not a self-proclaimed Madewell expert or an obsessee, but I love a good garment from the store. I’m not 100% familiar with all of their styles and labels, but while secondhand shopping throughout the years, I have become familiar with 3 of their most popular and most manufactured clothing brands. Madewell was […]

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Fashionista Friday: Yesi’s LBDFG (Little Black Dress from Goodwill)

This Friday’s fashionista, dear readers, is a woman who has an amazing eye for dresses. When poking through the #goodwill hashtag on social media, I came across Yesi’s Instagram page, and wow, she is a total expert at finding stellar dresses at her local Goodwill for all different types of occasions. Yesi frequents the Deerfield Beach […]

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Guest Blogger: Must-Know Secondhand Tips & Scores

Like most shoppers, finding that amazing deal gives me an immediate high. Thrifting, for me, is the perfect way to achieve that feeling. I love the thrill of the hunt. Going through the racks to see what I can find is therapeutic for me. I started thrifting shortly after I bought my condo and found […]


Rory Beca Bustier Mini Dress

This dress, dear readers, is both a beauty and a show-stopper. It’s sassy, it’s sweet…and it’s…designer! This dress was found on the previous Modage Style Goodwill Shopping Bus Tour at our South Dakota Goodwill store. When I saw this dress to see if it would fit me, I was like “Oh my goodness! That one […]

Rory Beca Eva Bustier

Jellin’ for Some Jellies

The other day, I came across this post on MTV’s blog, that reminded me a little bit about how I felt about jelly shoes when I was younger; disdain and hatred.  Growing up I was a tomboy and never ever would wear jelly sandals or shoes of any kind. I wanted to wear clothes and […]


My Favorite Thing (from Goodwill): Black Vintage Palazzo Pants

Dear readers, I’m here to kick off my first post as the new DC Goodwill Fashionista (read my previous DCGF guest posts) with one of my favorite finds of all time from Goodwill! And let me tell you something about myself, I’ve been shopping at Goodwill for a really really long time and I have […]

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