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Guest Blogger: Pippa’s Thrifted Vacation Looks Part II

Thrift store shopping is a great way to save money during the year so we can spend it on fun things!  This summer for our family vacation we went on a cruise to Mexico.   It was wonderful to laugh and create memories together. Thrifting is a major part of everyone’s wardrobe and most of the clothes in […]

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My Goodwill Find: Michael Kors Tops

Today’s Goodwill Find is courtesy of one of my favorite designers, Michael Kors. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am a lover of his shoe line. I can’t get enough Michael Kors heels; they feature classic styles with chic accents and I find his shoes to be very comfortable for their […]


Trendy Tuesday: Flash Tattoos

I don’t know about you, dear readers, but I have vivid memories of pitching a fit in front of the quarter-slot temporary tattoo machine at K-Mart more than once as child. Nothing was cooler than peeling back that plastic, sticking a piece of paper on your arm and pressing a wad of wet wash cloth […]


The DCGF’s Summer Getaway Essentials: Frugal Fashion

Last Monday, I brought you the best in affordable beauty essentials for summer and even though I am back home from a wonderful weekend getaway, I’m still talking about the one thing you can spend money on that can make you richer: travel. There is nothing more essential about travel fashion than comfort (and affordability!). […]


Six Under Six: Accessory Edition

You know, dear readers, I follow a lot of style bloggers and flip through the pages of all the world’s most popular fashion magazines each month. A lot of the time, I am left feeling baffled at how these women afford such amazing wardrobes. I’m still trying to make sure I budget enough to get […]


Fashionista Friday: Patty’s Banana Republic Score

Today’s fashionista is my favorite person on this earth, dear readers. I am being incredibly biased because, yes, this frugal fashionista is my Momma! I have been waiting to share one of her most recent DC Goodwill finds with you. If you have been impressed by my budget outfits, you must know that I learned […]


Guest Blogger: Pippa’s Thrift Summer Cruise Style

We started our summer with a family cruise, what a great way to reconnect with all the kids … the two older girls just finished their first year of college and life sure gets busy with four teenagers! All four of my children have been so supportive of thrifting and helping with modeling for many […]


My Goodwill Find: Flirty Floral

I’ve got two perfect flirty florals for you today, dear readers. These are two of my most romantic Goodwill finds; each features different characteristics that make them the perfect date night tops. They’re playful, not too cutesy and perfectly breezy for the hottest of summer days. Although both can be worn from day to night, […]

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Trendy Tuesday: The summer sunhat

In keeping with my summer getaway state of mind, I’m talking about another head wear trend that is takin’ over the fashion scene today. There’s been an influx of chic hats on the market this summer and I am definitely not complaining. From funky fedoras to playful panama hats, we’ve definitely stepped up our headgear […]


The DCGF’s Summer Getaway Essentials

Dear readers, I am in the utmost vacation state of mind today. I am leaving for my very first trip to Miami, Florida on Thursday evening and I simply cannot wait! Have you been there before? I already looked up the nearest Goodwill from my hotel. I’m heading down with a group of friends to […]

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