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My $25 Goodwill Haul

I swung into the Waldorf Goodwill on my way home from work this week and did a little shopping. As you are most likely aware, Tuesdays are our Customer Appreciation Day so all donated clothing is 25%. I try and do most of my shopping on Tuesday evenings so I can get the most for my buck. That just makes sense, doesn’t it?

I gave myself a thirty five minute time limit and a budget of $25.00. I went in looking for summer tops, but ended up finding way more than what was on my list. That seems to happen to me a lot in Goodwill. Can anyone else relate? It is just as bad as when I go to Target! Anyway, I ended up with such an awesome variety that I had to share what I found. I ended up going $2.00 over budget, but that was due in part to my round-up on my change to support Goodwill educational and job training programs. That makes it A-okay in my book. I’ve done some estimations here, dear readers, and have given you the totals of what I spent at Goodwill versus what I would’ve spent if I had splurged on these items brand-new.

Check out my Goodwill fashion scores of the week:

Chinese Laundry Leather Wedges: $8.98

photo 5

These retail for $59.98 but are currently still on sale on the Chinese Laundry site  for $29.98. I chose them because the leather makes them completely appropriate for work, but a staple for my casual wear as well. You’d be surprised how often I find things at Goodwill that are still being sold in stores. Thanks to awesome donations, essentially all of my finds are “in-season.” I plan to pair them with my favorite J.Crew Chino Shorts and with a few of my work dresses.

New York and Co Top: $1.48

photo 3

A top like this retails for somewhere in the neighborhood of $40.00; if you’re lucky you might find it on sale for $20.00 (here is a similar one). I was drawn to the halter style, here. I find this so incredibly flattering on a woman’s shape. It really shows off the shoulders in a modest but sexy way. I think it would look great with a coral skinny jean or white cropped slack.

Forever 21 Boho Top: $1.48

photo 2-2

I have a soft spot for anything that is bohemian-esque and light cotton for summer. It is breezy and cool; it also pairs well with a messy pony tail and cheap sunglasses. I would’ve paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $15.00 for this in-store, so I definitely scored a bargain here. This looks great with my favorite BDG jeans, cuffed for summer!

American Eagle Sundress: $6.73

photo 1-2

This is a classic spring/summer piece, isn’t it? I do have the white dress I wore to my graduation but it is a little too formal to wear as an everyday staple. This dress can be worn anywhere, really; from the grocery store to a baby shower, I can see this easily transformed depending on accessories. I will probably throw a slinky cardigan or pashmina on for a cooler weather wear. The options are endless with a piece like this.

Merona Short-Sleeved Dress: $6.73

photo 4

I bought this dress because it can serve what I like to call ‘double-duty.’ It is actually a cotton material, but if I pair a bright cardigan with it, I can definitely wear it to work. I will rock it with a neutral wedge or a coral one (if I can ever find a pair!). I would’ve probably paid about $25.00 for this piece brand new from Target. I like that it is short sleeved because I actually have the option of shedding the cardigan if I want to. Sometimes it is hard to find work dresses with sleeves! Suns out, guns out is against my corporate dress code so a solid sleeve is important for my work wear.

So, if I add that up, dear readers, this haul would’ve cost me in the neighborhood of $115.00 to $170.00 depending on sales. In the process of saving $100.00 not only did I come home with a bag of new threads, I also supported Goodwill’s mission!


Thirty five minutes, twenty five dollars, five pieces of clothes later, I left feeling guilt-free and satisfied. You can’t beat that, can you?

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