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Guest Blogger: LOFT Lovin’

If you’re looking for classic, well made, and affordable clothes, Loft is the perfect place to shop.  Loft is the slightly trendier and more affordable partner of Ann Taylor and offers an equal mix of work and weekend wear.  Their pieces are typically on trend, but not trendy, and lean more toward classic than casual.  Today, I’m going share some of my favorite Loft pieces with you!

Loft jean styles! Image sourced from Loft.

Loft jean styles! Image sourced from Loft.

It seems like every woman I know, regardless of body type, has trouble finding jeans.  They fit in the hips but are too tight in the thighs, the legs are too short, the waist is too low, the list just goes on.  I, too, struggle to find jeans that fit but Loft is always a win for me in the denim department.  They have two fits, modern and curvy, and many different styles within each fit.  In addition, they offer petite sizes, and have a tall and maternity selection online.  The key is to try on several different fits and styles and sizes.  I can wear three different sizes in Loft jeans, so trying before buying is a must.  Just because you’re a 10 in the curvy ankle jeans does not mean you’re a 10 in the curvy crops!  At around $60 new, their jeans are too expensive for my budget, but I’ve been lucky to find all of my Loft jeans on clearance and have paid between $10-15.  If you haven’t given their denim a try, go check it out!

What inspired me to write this post was the sheer number of tops I have from Loft.  I’ve found so many Loft shirts at Goodwill in so many different styles.  I’ve even found a couple tops that were brand new with the tags still on them!  Unlike some brands where they seem to only have a few styles of shirts and just make them in different colors, Loft always has different styles, patterns, fabrics and colors.  I also like that they have consistent sizing, so I can always count on my size fitting.

Loft tops from Goodwill!

Loft tops from Goodwill!

Loft is one of those stores where I walk by the mannequins and think “I would never wear that!” but I still love their clothes.  The overall style of the store is too preppy for me, but their individual pieces are great accents to my wardrobe.  They have incredible deals on their clearance racks, especially for pants and jeans.  The clothes are better quality than Old Navy or H&M so I know when I find something from Loft at Goodwill, it will still have many wears left in it.  Overall, I think Loft is a great place to shop during their sales events and a brand to watch for at Goodwill.

What brands are you on the look for at Goodwill?  Any other Loft lovers out there?

A teacher by day, a thrifter by night, I love going to the Goodwill and finding great things.  Whether it’s organizers for my classroom, pots for my kitchen, or sweaters to relax in, I know I’ll find it all at the Goodwill.  You can follow all my favorite DC Goodwill finds on Instagram @gotitatgoodwill.

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2 Comments for Guest Blogger: LOFT Lovin’

Avianti Jewelry
May 28, 2015

Yes, i think that once you find the style you like you just have to stick to it.

June 1, 2015

I have also had great luck finding LOFT tops at my local Goodwill. Other brands that I have bought from Goodwill are Express/Design Studio. Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, H&M, Gap.

Talbots is not a brand I wear gravitate to, but I have found a few separates at Goodwill to add to my wardrobe.

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