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Lessons from a Fashionista (Part 2)

Goodwill wedding gowns

Goodwill wedding gowns

Wednesday’s post highlighted three very practical lessons that I learned during my time as the DC Goodwill Fashionista. Today, I wrap up with three more highlights that are a bit more fun, if not also functional!


Don’t DIY halfway.

If you recall my no-sew DIY sheets-into-curtains that took about five minutes to slap together, you’ll remember that I really don’t love DIY-ing. My idea of a DIY is driving myself to the store and buying something that someone lovingly made for me. The lesson? If you’re not going to finish a project with the same gusto with which you started, you might as well not start. There’s something to be said for knowing when to quit—and when to take the “yourself” out of doing something.

Weddings are expensive. Don’t let it scare you.

With my own wedding on the horizon, it’s hard for me to avoid all the wedding-related nonsense out there. But thanks to my time at Goodwill, I know that saving money and surviving your nuptials is possible. I once visited a vintage store and picked out a dress with a friend in an hour—and for under $100. A lot of you sounded off about your feelings about secondhand wedding gowns, with an overwhelming response for reuse and repurposing. And with gowns by the armful at local Goodwill’s for $125 each, there are so many possibilities for future brides. I won’t be DIY-ing a dress anytime soon, but I will be thinking creatively.


I spent almost an entire video being really excited about all the items I found for $4.95 each. Sometimes the best thing about shopping secondhand is just marveling at the wonders around you. If you find that you’re frustrated (or maybe hungry) while you’re at a Goodwill, or feel like you can’t find anything “good,” step back and visit again another day. There is no “thrill of the hunt” unless you’re also appreciating the little things around you. And so today I will leave you with this video of me having a $4.95 bonanza.


I’ve had such a blast serving as your Fashionista. Thank you for reading, commenting, and contributing! If you see me out and about shopping at Goodwill, please say hello!

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