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Fashion experiments, made possible with Goodwill

High & Crye shirt at GoodwillSometimes, you just hit the frugal jackpot.

I stopped by the South Dakota Avenue Goodwill store on Monday with the primary purpose of dropping off a bag of donations from my closet and a bag from my neighbor’s closet (What can I say? We’re doing our winter cleaning.). I had a secondary purpose—to look for a living room chair—but more on that later.

I ended up getting distracted by the clothing. Are you surprised? Not at all. But I’m not ashamed to admit I got distracted, because I had a fabulous, fortunate, frugal find.

I love local shirtmakers Hugh & Crye. Mr. Fashionista has about seven or eight of their button-up shirts. I’ve contemplated for some time buying their men’s shirts for myself, suspecting that their fit system would work better than the small-medium-large system for so many women’s tops.

But Hugh & Crye shirts are quality—and have a quality price tag. I wasn’t ready to plunk down $60 to $90 for a dress shirt. But I was definitely willing to pay just about $5 to give a secondhand one a test run. I found this lovely baby-blue men’s shirt in the women’s section, and I’ve never been so pleased to find a misplaced item! I’d get to try a local brand on for size. The shirt went home with me!

 Awesome Goodwill finds

And due to some perfect timing on my laundry, I got to try on my new shirt that night! I paired the baby blue with a bold, heavy red cotton sweater to get in the holiday spirit. To balance out the “tomboyishness” of my shirt layers, I added a sparkly necklace. You might also recognize my crossbody bag, a fabulous find from The Art of Fashion this September.

The sweater? It’s a Goodwill find that will probably be passed on, as it was a smidge too big for even me. But the H&C dress shirt? Oh, it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe. And soon enough, I might take the plunge and buy one of their brand-new styles. I’m not afraid to play with the boys!


*Apologies for the public restroom selfie. Sometimes you’ve just got to document your outfit when you have the chance!

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