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Best of Guest Blogger: Five Things to Buy Vintage

I have been thrifting and collecting vintage clothing for close to a decade, even longer if you count the days as a kid, when my father would take me to flea markets and thrift shops to find weekly bargains and dusty old furniture that my mother despised. As you can imagine, throughout that time I have acquired some amazing classic vintage pieces and some items that left me questioning, “What was I THINKING?”

I have learned how to edit through the massive piles that can quickly add up when you are faced with cheap thrift store prices and the overwhelming happiness that comes with getting a great deal. Here is my top five list of items that I love to thrift for and that make great investments.

vintage fur coat

1. Vintage fur coat

Vintage furs add a touch of classic glamour to your wardrobe without the heavy price tag of a new one. However, choose wisely! Real fur oxidizes over time; so do not buy the coat if it has a yellowish tint or if the fur is dry rotted (brittle to the touch). The fur will end up falling out and shedding everywhere (I learned the hard way). Do some internet research on types of animal furs and then keep your eye out for that gem.

vintage 70s dress

2. Seventies dresses

The 1970’s silhouette is my favorite to shop for. The decade offered long floral maxis, prairie dresses, and bell bottom sleeves. For inspiration, I often look to boho queens, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Ritchie. Think outside of the box and envision turning that floor length maxi into a high-low or shortening it all the way for a different look!

3. Designer scarves

Buying designer scarves is another inexpensive way to add that luxury feel to your outfit. Wear them as a headband, neck scarf, around your handbag, interlaced into some long chain necklaces, etc. I look for silk scarves that are free of tears, at least 12×12 in size, and signed. The scarves will be worth more when they are signed and I always look for Schiaparelli, Pucci, and Hermes!

4. Cozy knit sweater

Like a worn in pair of denim, nothing beats your go-to chunky and cozy sweater. I recently purchased a lemon yellow sweater, while shopping in Brooklyn and can’t get enough of the color! Aztec and Native American printed sweaters are my guilty pleasure.

vintage jewlery

5. Unique necklaces

As history repeats itself, so does fashion. Many jewelry styles are just repeats of years past, so look for current trends or stick with classic pieces. When people tell me “they do not know how to wear vintage clothing”, I always tell them to start with unique necklaces. They are a great way to add flare to your outfit and are proven conversation starters! If you are lucky enough to find a piece that is signed and/or dated, pull out your phone and Google it, you may have found a real treasure!

My name is Carrie Kraft and I run French Toast Vintage, an online boutique and blog, which I started in February 2012. My focus is mixing amazing vintage pieces with contemporary styles for an eclectic personal style. I am honored to guest blog for DC Goodwill Fashionista on the dawn of French Toast’s first birthday!

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