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Fashionista Friday: Yvette’s $6 Polka Dotted Mini Dress

When I stumbled upon Yvette’s Instagram, I was extremely delighted to find another Goodwill Fashionista who had a similar Goodwill upbringing as myself.

Growing up, my parents frequented Goodwill stores very often, purchasing some of my wardrobe from the Rockville store racks. Although I knew I had the coolest clothes, some of my friends didn’t quite understand, because they preferred to shop at the mall at stores such as Limited Too. But, as I’ve grown older, I’ve turned more and more of my friends onto the greatness of DC Goodwill, and they now see what the hype is all about!

Yvette shared a similar story on one of her Instagram posts, and I couldn’t help but feel like she was a sister in another state. We’re on the same page, and share an immense passion for Goodwill.

Along with the story she shared, Yvette included a few brag-worthy Goodwill finds that I wanted to celebrate on here!

First off, check out this Goodwill find! Yvette scored this cute pleated mini polka dotted dress from her local Goodwill store for $6.64! You cannot beat that price, especially when shopping at stores that sell brand new clothing.

I’m loving the way Yvette styled this dress! The thin neutral colored belt again the cream and black polka dotted summery frock allows a nice hourglass curvy shape that is feminine and fierce. Way to go! <3


Goodwill find $6.64 #goodwill find #thrifty

A photo posted by Yvette Alejandra (@vette84y) on

Now check out this second find, and her smile!

Yvette picked up most of this look from Goodwill for a mere $11.53! And you thought the find above was impressive? This is basically a whole ensemble purchased for under $15.

My favorite part of this sleepless Maeve outfit is the top, no doubt. The floral eclectic pattern is very playful for both the office or the streets, and the cut is not too conservative without being overly showy. It’s a perfect balance between work and play.

For a business casual day at the office, I can see myself pairing this blouse, like Yvette did, with colored denim or a sleek pencil skirt.

Fashionistas, which one of Yvette’s finds is your favorite?! I can’t decide! 

And a BIG thank you to Yvette for posting your Goodwill goodies on Instagram! Goodwill Fashionistas unite! 

Want to be a Goodwill Fashionista? Send a photo of your latest Goodwill find to If we feature your look here, you’ll get a badge to share on your blog or site to show everyone that you’re a savvy Goodwill Fashionista! Oh and don’t forget to add “#DCGoodwill” or “MyGoodwillFind” to all your local finds, dear readers! I want to share the excitement of your amazing items. 

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