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Fashionista Friday: DIY Fall Home Upcycle Edition

Dear readers, I know I haven’t posted about DIY projects often, but I’m certainly gonna start! I’m a BIG lover of everything DIY and transformations. There’s nothing like finding a gem that’s affordable at Goodwill and bringing to another level with a little bit of TLC.

That all being said, when perusing the #MyGoodwillFind on Instagram, I couldn’t help but fall in love with this fashionista’s upcycle project. For under $15, Rebecca transformed a great piece of furniture into something extraordinary.

Let’s take a look!

goodwill diy

What a transformation! Image from Rebecca’s Instagram

Rebecca snagged this bar cart for only $8 from one our DC Goodwill locations. The shape of this cart is quite classic and simple, which makes it very versatile for any type of look. In any household, it would fit right in without calling too much attention to any specific era or style.

Our Fashionista Friday transformed this already cute bar cart into a glamorous staple by spray painting it. This gold color is very warm and cool at the same time, allowing it to be paired with any type of vase, tray….you name it!

I honestly love spray paint in general. It can make anything look a lot better than it was originally. For example, I picked up a free bed frame from Craigslist when moving into my apartment and absolutely despised the color. With a lavender can spray paint, I spruced it right up. Now it’s something I’m probably going to take along with me as I move around!

One challenge we all might have with spray paint is making sure there are no streaks or drips. While I have not yet mastered the art of spray painting, I have noticed the following:

  • When painting, don’t hold the can too close to the object. It will cause drips.
  • Don’t be impatient when it comes to painting. Let an item dry for a good chunk of hours before you use another coat. If you move an item around too quickly after you’ve painted it, the coat might get messed up easily.
  • Always paint in a well-ventilated space. Even if you’re painting for a second, those fumes can give you a seriously bad headache!

If you’re digging Rebecca’s DIY transformation. Head to her page for some other gems! She’s got a great eye for design and putting together a home with funk and sophistication.


Image from Rebecca’s Instagram

Thanks for sharing your find and DIY project with us, Rebecca! It’s very impressive! If you’re interested in learning more about her eye for design, check our her site!

Want to be a Goodwill Fashionista? Send a photo of your latest Goodwill find to If we feature your look here, you’ll get a badge to share on your blog or site to show everyone that you’re a savvy Goodwill Fashionista! Oh and don’t forget to add “#DCGoodwill” or “MyGoodwillFind” to all your local finds, dear readers! I want to share the excitement of your amazing items. 

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2 Comments for Fashionista Friday: DIY Fall Home Upcycle Edition

Rebecca Margao
November 6, 2015

Oh wow! Thank you so much for featuring me!!

DC Goodwill Fashionista
November 16, 2015

Of course! You need to guest blog for us!

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