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Fashionista Friday: Capitol Vintage Charm

Today’s Fashionista Friday is Stacy of Capitol Vintage Charm. She is definitely my new must-reference blogger and DC resident who I’ll be taking mid-century modern decor cues and inspiration from.

After finding her page searching the #MyGoodwillFind hashtag, I knew I had found a site I’d be referencing for a while!

As I viewed her page, I  instantly noticed she is an expert for spotting vintage home decor pieces at DC Goodwill stores.

Whether it’s a bookcase, chair, or lamp, this retro-living wife, mom, and fashionista can spot the era and decade from feet away.

You’ll notice she explores multiple DC Goodwill stores throughout the region to find her treasures – each for quite the deal!

The fact she’s always going on adventures makes me hungry to embark on one as well! Maybe I can come with her and she can give me some tips on finding these kind of unique pieces for my home!

Not only does today’s fashionista have her own blog, she’s a DIY enthusiast who makes her Goodwill finds even prettier with a little TLC. Just by looking at an item, like this dresser, she can tell if it has a good structure, or bones, for an exciting DIY project.

Thanks for sharing your finds with me, Stacy! I look forward to seeing what other treasures you find this summer. 

Want to be a Goodwill Fashionista? Send a photo of your latest Goodwill find to If we feature your look here, you’ll get a badge to share on your blog or site to show everyone that you’re a savvy Goodwill Fashionista! Oh and don’t forget to add “#DCGoodwill” or “#MyGoodwillFind” to all your local finds, dear readers! I want to share the excitement of your amazing items.

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