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Fashionista Friday: Brea’s Coachella DIY Shorts

Fashionistas, it’s always such a delight when I see local fashion experts on Instagram posting about their #MyGoodwillFind.

My good friend and fellow blogger, Brea of What I Wore Tip to Toe, shared one of her most recent DIY Goodwill finds on her page while rocking it at the notable Coachella Festival.

Before I dive into her snazzy DIY find, let me give you the scoop on the amazing Brea.

Brea is currently living in the DC area but loves to travel across the country and world. She has an apparent passion for fashion and quite the talent for mixing modern and vintage items in trendy, fashionable looks. She has even collaborated with Goodwill in the past on our Edited for Goodwill pop-up shop and has been featured many times on the blog!

She’s a third generation native Washingtonian who loves a goofy, funky, and spunky work ensemble.

Recently, on her Instagram, she documented her fun and exciting experiences at the popular music festival called Coachella. At this festival, she saw many bands and wore a plethora of fun, summery looks comprised of all types of fashion finds.

In this look, she used a Goodwill score and DIYed it to create a new summer staple in her closet.

These classic, vintage-looking, high-waisted shorts are from a DC Goodwill location and were upcycled from a pair of jeans. I see jean shorts retailing for around $50 at big brand stores and it’s crazy that people buy them when they can be created for under $10 and the purchase can support a great organization like Goodwill.

I absolutely love classic DIY projects like this.  It’s hard to find a good pair of jean shorts these days and I oftentimes forget I can make a pair with jeans that are easily found at DC Goodwill stores.

Thanks Brea for reminding me of this project! I love your look and will be snagging some Goodwill vintage jeans for a summer project within the next few weeks! 

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3 Comments for Fashionista Friday: Brea’s Coachella DIY Shorts

May 12, 2017

Thanks so much for the feature! These were a blast to wear and I have to give credit to fellow Goodwill fan and my Coachella stylist Vivi of Heart Print and Style, who took me to 3 different Goodwill stores to find outfits for each day of Coachella including these! She also gave me the courage to turn an already awesome pair of Bill Blass perfectly high-waist jeans into shorts! In a sea of distressed denim shorts my Goodwill DIY pair still stood out!

Oby Nnadi
May 16, 2017

Great post and congrats to Brea on the feature. It was awesome to see all the fun you had at Coachella and all the fun fashion too. I mean you can never go wrong when shopping at Goodwill.

DC Goodwill Fashionista
May 17, 2017

That’s awesome, Brea! Vivi, thank you for taking Brea out for Goodwill shopping 🙂

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