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Fashion Forward: The Goodwill 10-piece wardrobe

Goodwill of the Valleys

Our friends at Goodwill of the Valleys blog just like I do, and I love their recent post so much I have to share it!

Working with a local stylist, our intrepid Goodwill blogger combed the racks to find 10 pieces to set up a basic wardrobe. The idea is that with four bottoms, five tops, and one jacket, you can mix-and-match dozens of different outfits to fit a variety of occasions.

The wardrobe they made is definitely off to a great start. Neutral colors are recommended for ease of mixing and matching, but don’t be afraid to pick up colors you love. Plus, you can always add color with accessories like bangles, earrings, or a handbag.

How much did it cost? I can’t give away all the details! Head over to Goodwill of the Valleys to find out! (You’ll be shocked. In a good way.)


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3 Comments for Fashion Forward: The Goodwill 10-piece wardrobe

Goodwill Valleys
February 22, 2012

Thanks DC Goodwill Fashionista! We had fun creating the Goodwill 10-pc. wardrobe! We hope it will inspire others to look at their wardrobe in a different way.

meg gierszewski
February 22, 2012

A good piece on getting the basics. However, if we pass on too much,will we all be fighting over those great finds? LOL!!! (a little!)

Marissa, After Party Flats
February 29, 2012

yeah, great…basic finds can be great outfits 🙂

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