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Entertain on a budget with glassware from Goodwill

Vegetable bar

Photo via The Goodwill Gal

When the Goodwill Gal visited this spring, she tore through our DC store and left us with tons of great ideas for shopping on a budget for your closet and home.

She gave us a tip for entertaining on a budget, with the help of some glassware she found in our store.

Glass jars, vases, and bowls of all shapes and sizes (and colors!) can be used to hold vegetables and other cold appetizers. All you have to do is pick out a few pieces you like, carefully drive them home, give ’em a good wash in the sink, and then fill with your favorite snacks. Our Goodwill Gal showed off her vegetable bar (pictured here), but this also works with side dishes or toppings (I’m thinking make-your-own-tacos night) as well as dessert items like candy or ice cream toppings.

When your gathering is over, the glassware can be repurposed at home. ‘Tis the season for beautiful fresh flowers, or make a non-floral centerpiece to keep admiring eyes on your dining table.

Enough from me. Get your eyes on the Goodwill Gal’s guide!

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1 Comment for Entertain on a budget with glassware from Goodwill

June 21, 2012

About a year ago, I had been looking for some very expensive, hand made, Romanian wine glasses that matched a set my wife and I had purchased several years earlier in North Carolina. We regretted that we hadn’t purchased more of them at the time. I couldn’t believe it when I found two of the exact glasses at the Goodwill store in DC. Original cost: $50 each. Cost at Goodwill: $1.50 each. Cha-ching!

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