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Designer on a Dime: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Fashionistas, as I mentioned in my Chanel post last Monday, I hit the ultimate vintage and modern designer jackpot at one of the Maryland Goodwill stores. Even weeks later, I still can’t believe what I found! I still dream about the moment when I first found my gems on a new rack of items hitting the floor.

To look back at the success and share my finds with you, I’m continuing my multi-post series of the scores I picked up that Saturday.

yves saint laurent

Along with my Chanel coat, I found this dynamite high-end blazer by Yves Saint Laurent! In a snap, I snatched this authentic and intricate Yves Saint Laurent blazer quilted with black and gold stitching and ribbed tassels.

Yves Saint Laurent gold buttons and tassle

This over-sized beauty has quarter sized gold buttons on the front labels and lower arms with an inner lining made of polyester and silk.

yves saint laurent tag

When inspecting the jacket, I noticed this vintage showstopper was made in France, an indicator that this piece is not a knock-off.

I cannot wait to wear this with a high waisted skirt, crop top or jeans! The key to wearing an eye-catching jacket like this is to keep it simple with dresses, pants, tops, and jewelry.

But if I did choose to wear jewelry with this quilted blazer, I’d wear small gold studs or hoops that don’t complicate the outfit. The goal of my look would be to draw the most attention possible to the Yves Saint Laurent jacket without being overtly flashy.

At full retail, this blazer easily retails for at least around $400 at high-end retailers like Saks. And guess what?! I got it for around $5.99! Can’t beat that price tag. 🙂

Stay tuned for my other finds, fashionistas! I have some other luxe metallic pieces that you will go nuts over!

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2 Comments for Designer on a Dime: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent

Molly McDonald
November 8, 2017

I love this post!The gold buttons really make it!

Mary Steev
November 9, 2017

Wow this jacket is so beautiful for this vintage season. I love this balck and golden style. And Its button also so good.

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