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Confident and Stylish Young Professional

I always get a little nostalgic during this time of the year because spring is a season where I always have great memories – especially leading up to the summer. 

Around this time last year, I was 25 and finally making moves in my professional career. I was nearly two years into my current job, my mindset was changing, and I was becoming more confident in my life decisions. I also felt my style was evolving; I adopted fashion sensibilities that were timeless and intentional. I began pattern mixing with purpose and putting looks together that were stylish and tailored.

Here’s a throwback to one of my proudest pairing moments. It emanates a boss lady vibe about me that I had not felt before. It’s also one of the first times I pattern mixed to the max, using textures and prints I never explored before. The polka dot blouse is from Ann Taylor Loft and medallion pants are from J Crew.

To add another pop to my look, I threw on an oatmeal colored, tweed cardigan. While this outerwear has a unique texture, the neutral hue tones down the chaos of patterns underneath.

Curious to know where each name brand item came from in my look? Here’s the scoop! Everything from Goodwill added up to below $25. For these brands, that’s impressive!

Polka dotted silk collared shirt: LOFT, $5.99: Rockville Goodwill

Silk patterned pants: J Crew, $6.99: Gaithersburg Goodwill

Tweed cardigan: Boutique Brand, $7.99: Rockville Goodwill

Blue handbag: Vegan brand, no name

Round sunnies: Spitfire

Buckle booties: Rebecca Minkoff

What do you think of today’s look, fashionistas? What do you wear to show off your confidence as a professional? 

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