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Trendy Tuesday: Chic capes

I know we just finished reviewing the collections of what’s to come in the fashion world for spring/summer 2015, but for now, it is time to circle back to what’s been forecast for our current season: fall 2014. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reminding you of what’s been deemed as “hott” for fall. Don’t expect that it will all be peaches and cream – there are some downright awful trends. Luckily, I’m starting with the good news!

The cape, worn as chic outerwear, has seemed to circle in and out of fashion for the past few seasons. This piece is no longer reserved for your favorite majestic film character (and if your me, that is Willow!). We saw this style make appearances in Delpzo, Carolina Herrera, Tracey Reese and more. Notice that this style comes with a loose interpretation; each cape boasts very different vibes. The Delpozo has a shorter sleeve and eye-catching collar while the Tracy Reese is more casual with the Aztec like pattern. The Carolina Herrera gives a great idea of what a cape could do for workplace fashion; I’d say it would make a ultra-chic overlay to a fitted suit.

Check ou these styles via Accessories Magazine... Delpozo, Carolina Herrera, Tracy Reese

Check out these styles via Accessories Magazine… Delpozo, Carolina Herrera, Tracy Reese

The pictures below give excellent examples of you could style this outerwear option. A skinny, dark pant with an basic undershirt and then open front, sleeveless cape on would be a great option for cool, not cold weather. A high, structured neck cape would make a great option for layering over work wear for the colder days. You could absolutely fit a scarf underneath when choosing a high-neck style, too. If you reach for a printed cape (maybe houndstooth or plaid), reach for a solid bottom like a ankle length trouser and chunky heel.


Style inspo for this chic cool weather outerwear

After doing some research, most stylists suggest that a short-handled bag with a cape. Not only for style, as above we can see it looks tres chic, but also for functionality. Can you imagine wearing a cape with a satchel? It most definitely would interfere with the flow of this piece and honestly, wouldn’t really be function. You want this style of outerwear to hang off of the body. Additionally, the experts suggest when wearing a dress or skirt with a cape style outer-layer, ensure that the length of the layers are equal. Notice Victoria Beckham the right here with tights and a cape – her under layer dress meets the exactly length of the cape. The hemlines will look more polished if they match.

So, dear readers, if your mind is headed toward cooler weather like mine, consider the cape for your fall and winter outerwear purchase. This is a piece with casual and professional potential!

How would you rock the cape?


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3 Comments for Trendy Tuesday: Chic capes

Deb (Real Girl Runway)
September 17, 2014

I’m thrilled that the cape is still a trend for fall. My mom made me a cape as a gift last year. I love it and can’t wait until the chill sets in and I can wear it again.

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