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Trendy Tuesday


Are Chelsea Boots a Fall Shoe Staple?

Dear readers, have you ever heard of the Chelsea boot? It wasn’t until I really got into music in middle school that I heard of this style of footwear. I was instantly intrigued. They weren’t like any other boot I’d seen before because they took on an odd shape and maybe even took cues from […]

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Is Michael Kors No Longer Cool?

Michael Kors, dear readers, is a brand I see at Goodwill stores all of the time…..clothes, the occasional handbag, accessories….I’ve seen almost every type of his products. However, despite the excitement around the brand in most recent years, I’ve never been a fan. I like the occasional handbag here and there, but overall, I have […]

Michael Kors ad, Credit: Glamorous Luxury Passion Blog

Round Sunnies – A Summer Staple

I’ll just say it up front, dear readers, I’m hooked on circular sunnies. And I will admit, sometimes they can be a little out there and showy, but I can’t stop buying oodles and oodles of pairs this season. In some of my pictures, you might have noticed that the sunglasses I usually wear are […]

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Have Belly Shirts Made a Comeback?

Dear readers, belly shirts and crop tops are making a serious comeback and I’m not sure how I feel about this. I’m really on the fence. Part of me says “Oh no,” but part of me says, “Oh. heck yes!” The reason why I say no, is based on some recent experiences. Lately, while walking […]


Jellin’ for Some Jellies

The other day, I came across this post on MTV’s blog, that reminded me a little bit about how I felt about jelly shoes when I was younger; disdain and hatred.  Growing up I was a tomboy and never ever would wear jelly sandals or shoes of any kind. I wanted to wear clothes and […]


Love it or Leave it: 90’s Overall Revival

Two years ago, dear readers, I threw a 90’s party. We watched old music videos from Nirvana, Live, and The Presidents of the USA, we ate Nerds and Laffy Taffy, and we dressed up in some epic 90’s clothes. I got my inspiration from the queen of 90’s teen fashion, Angela Chase, aka Claire Danes. […]

90s party

Love it or Leave it: Care for a Kimono?

You know how you see something once, dear readers, then you see it again, then it seems like it’s everywhere you look and you just can’t escape it?  That’s been me this month with kimonos.  I’ve seen them all over the place: on YouTubers, in magazines, and of course on fabulous fashionistas.  They’re being sold […]


Bermuda Shorts… should they get lost in the triangle?

Alright, dear readers, I was perusing the latest and greatest in fashion via and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks as I was flipping through an article titled “Shop Spring’s 6 Biggest Trends.” It was number two that put my jaw on the keyboard: Bermuda shorts. It wasn’t just the idea of the […]


Trendy Tuesday: Bold Blazers for Fall

The blazer is a go-to style, especially during the transition of seasons. For years, I’ve clung to my basic black blazers. I feel safe in them, I find them slimming and I can always match them to whatever I have on. This year, I’m making a concerted effort to spice up my outwear game. Remember […]


Trendy Tuesday: Chic capes

I know we just finished reviewing the collections of what’s to come in the fashion world for spring/summer 2015, but for now, it is time to circle back to what’s been forecast for our current season: fall 2014. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be reminding you of what’s been deemed as “hott” for fall. […]

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