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The DCGF Goes to New York City!

Fashionistas, I went on another monthly exploratory trip and hit up one city I haven’t visited in forever: New York City! I can hardly remember the last time I was in New York. I must’ve been in high school or even younger. My memories of the city consist of only a few funky neighborhoods and […]

The DCGF Goes to New York City!

The DCGF Goes to Philly!

Like I mentioned in my post a few Mondays ago, one big New Year’s resolution I have for 2017 is to travel more around the country to gain new experiences and visit friends. In addition to my traveling resolution, one goal of mine is to stop by Goodwill stores in every state I visit. Each […]

The DCGF Goes to Philly! Retrospective Vintage Store

The DCGF Goes to Texas!

Fashionistas, just last night (early this morning?!), I arrived back from Dallas, TX and guess what?! I visited four Goodwill stores on my weekend-long trip! On my store trips I definitely made sure to sport my DC Goodwill gems and represented the East Coast.  It made me feel good to show off my Goodwill threads […]

The DCGF Goes to Texas!

Why I Like to Swap

You know that My Favorite Things song from the Sound of Music?  If I had to write my own version of that song, Dr. Pepper, kitty snuggles, and clothing swaps would make the list.  I love clothing swaps so much because they solve so many problems.  Think you have nothing to wear?  Have a clothing […]

clothing swap

Goodwill Field Trip: Goodwill Keystone Area

Another weekend, another trip to Goodwill! This time, my travels took me to south-central Pennsylvania, where I visited the Regency Store in Lancaster—it’s a part of Goodwill Keystone Area. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but there wasn’t a Goodwill convenient to my neighborhood at the time. Now, it seems that every time I visit, I […]

Goodwill price tag

Moving into a new home? Goodwill’s got you covered.

Last week, I challenged myself to acquire the bulk of the “essentials” needed for my new apartment from our very own local Goodwill stores. I took a trip to the Glebe Road store in Arlington that included some antics as well as some very focused shopping. Of course, I was so excited to unpack the […]

Pots and pants from Goodwill

Take me to Goodwill with you, Macklemore!

If you own a radio, have ever listened to a radio, or have friends with a radio, you’ve probably heard Macklemore’s hit single, “Thrift Shop.” It is obviously my most favorite song in the universe as I write this post. “Thrift Shop” is so popular that hot blog Young House Love has enlisted scads of […]


Fashionista tip: Keep jewelry sparkling with this easy solution

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and spring just around the corner, there are plenty of occasions when you’ll want to look your best–right down to your jewelry. Luckily, a few products you already have at home can help. Don’t buy expensive, noxious jewelry cleaners. Just head to your kitchen! Since I’m shining up some […]


It’s time for New Year’s (fashion) resolutions!

Despite the winter doldrums, I do enjoy the fresh start that January provides. We’ve got fresh, unmarked calendars! Everyone is going to the gym with gusto! Storage bins are on sale! Whether you’re hoping to eat better, move around more, or achieve some other goal in 2013, I knew there had to be some fashion […]

Organized closet

Steal these Halloween costume ideas from some dedicated Goodwill shoppers

When you’re trying to plan the perfect Halloween costume, stress can really sneak up on you. And prices at fancy costume shops and party stores are probably the scariest part of the whole holiday! Take a chill pill, put down the hot glue gun and felt, and regroup for a minute. With a little advance […]

Goodwill Witch Costume