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5 Items You Didn’t Know You Needed When Moving to a New Space

Fashionistas, as you read in last week’s post, I’m on another moving adventure! I recently moved from one part of DC, Columbia Heights, to another part, Takoma Park/Brightwood. This moving process has me in a frenzy but I’m learning a lot of moving tips and tricks now that I’m doing this tango again. As I’ve […]

5 Items You Didn't Know You Needed When Moving to a New Space

Moving Time! What I’m Looking for at Goodwill

Fashionistas, remember when I moved into DC from Bethesda last year, becoming a true DC Goodwill Fashionista? Well,  just a short year later, I’m moving again! This time, my turf will be in Takoma Park, DC. I’m incredibly excited for my move as I will be living in a much bigger space where I’ll be […]

Moving Time! What I'm Looking for at Goodwill

Goodwill or Anthropologie? 3 Items that Will Have You Guessing!

This past Monday, I took an evening Ziptrip to Goodwill to get my housewares groove on to add spring pizazz to my apartment. Every houseware was also discounted for DC Goodwill Customer Rewards members, which gave me an extra reason to venture out to the Rockville location after work. When I went in, I wasn’t […]

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.15.35 PM

3 Spring Housewares Trends

This March as a part of the Goodwill Rewards program housewares and home goods will be discounted for those who are members of the program. You know what that means? Time to stock up as you do spring cleaning! I, myself, am always on the hunt for nice home goods – they always add extra […]

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 2.42.26 PM

Elevate your Thanksgiving Style with Goodwill

As your savvy shopping fashionista, I felt it was only necessary that I pull together some holiday inspiration for your Thanksgiving table. If you caught my post over the weekend, you know that I’m well aware of the damage that holidays are capable of doing to our bank accounts so I’ve paid special attention to […]


My minimalist journey: Spring update

Last autumn, I started to prepare for a new life in a shared apartment with my new fiance. I didn’t know when he’d relocate to the DC area, but I knew I had to be ready at a few-week’s notice for him to move into my studio apartment. I was nervous. I had a lot […]

My minimalist journey

Building my dream kitchen

I know what my dream kitchen looks like. It’s a little like this: It’s charming. Functional. There is maybe a cat or two lounging nearby. But in reality, my kitchen looks more like this: I haven’t (yet) covered a ping-pong table with a tablecloth like Snoopy at Thanksgiving. But the chairs definitely don’t match, and […]

Retro Renovation yellow kitchen

#Back2School: Get a good night’s sleep (thanks, Goodwill!)

My friends, you are not going to make the grades this year unless you get a good night’s rest. I’m not talking about once in a while. I’m talking about every night. If you need bedding supplies at bargain prices, check Goodwill before you get out your credit card at the big stores. Many of […]

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#Back2School? Don’t forget “back to campus!”

If it’s #Back2School time, it’s also time to head back to campus! As a perpetual student, I know how expensive it can be to outfit a dorm room, office, or even a cubicle. Your study space is where you’re going to a spend a lot of time. You want to be comfortable and efficient without […]

DC Goodwill Fashionista #Back2School

Five-minute DIY: No-sew bedsheet curtains

Maybe moving twice in one year has made me lazy. Or maybe I’m just not one for complex do-it-yourself projects. All I know is that simple, quick DIY ideas that use easy-to-find items are my favorite. My most recent case of lackadaisical DIY: No-sew curtains that aren’t even really curtains. It all started when I […]

No-sew curtains from Goodwill
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