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Staging your Home with Goodwill Finds before you Sell

Last week I shared that my family is moving to Italy for my husband’s job.  I’ve been turning to Goodwill more and more to help with that transition since moving can be expensive.  This week I’m sharing how we staged our home with Goodwill finds.  My home is already decorated in almost purely secondhand goods, but I wanted […]

staging 1

Dorothy Draper Style at Goodwill

  In 1925, Dorothy Draper set up her own interior design firm and took the world by storm with her colorful ideas: black and white checkerboard floors, extremely wide stripes painted on walls, plaster moldings, and her trademark cabbage rose fabric. This picture is from the nearby Greenbrier Hotel that was actually decorated by Dorothy Draper […]

dorothy drapper 1

Shopping for Boho Decor

I was recently looking through an interior design magazine and saw a feature on boho décor.  Boho décor draws on various Bohemian and hippie influences from the past and embraces an eclectic mix of styles.  As I was looking through the magazine, I thought about how many fabulous boho finds there are at Goodwill for a fraction […]

mandy living room

Guest Blogger: Refreshing your Outdoor Space for Spring

As warmer weather approaches and the trees begin blossoming, I find myself wanting to spend more and more time outdoors.  If your outdoor area is anything like mine, it needs some refreshing for the warmer weather.  This is the perfect time to hit up your favorite Goodwill to score great deals on outdoor finds! I […]

stone planters 1

Guest Blogger: Decoupaging Furniture

Many furniture companies create items in neutral (and dull!) tones to appeal to the mass market.  Why settle for the predictable when you can take a mainstream item and turn it into a masterpiece with paper and paint? Through a process called “decoupaging,” you can give new life to furniture that seems to fade into […]

decoupage 1

Guest Blogger: Build a Dinner Ware Collection with Second-Hand Finds

I recently hosted a “Sip and See” at my home.  If you’ve never heard of such an event, no worries- neither had I!  It’s just an event for friends and family to come over, sip a beverage, and see our newest family member, baby Esme.  Here’s a picture of us with our beverage and snack […]

chargers from Goodwill

Guest Blogger: Celebrate New Years with Glassware from Goodwill

Every Goodwill store I have ever visited has an extensive glassware aisle. Whenever I need to buy new wine/ brandy/ juice/ etc glasses, I head to Goodwill first. Thinking ahead to New Years Eve parties and home décor, Goodwill’s glassware might be just what you need! For a simple home décor idea, fill up a […]

glassware from Goodwill

Guest Blogger: Decorate Your Home for the Holidays With Pillows

I love changing out my holiday décor and making my home cozier for the winter season.  Goodwill is a great place to find seasonal décor, especially wreaths.  Most of the Goodwill stores that I’ve been to even have a seasonal decor aisle year round.  In the past, I’ve gotten plain wreaths from Goodwill and decorated […]

picture 6

Guest Blogger: How to Clean Brass

I started decorating for the holidays and found these adorable brass reindeer stocking holders at Goodwill.  Brass has made a popular come back in home décor, and it’s easy to find in Goodwill stores too! I have an obsession with vintage brass, but it’s often dirty and needs a thorough cleaning.  Once I brought these […]

brass items with lemon

Guest Blogger: Buying & Styling a Bar Cart with Goodwill

I have an odd obsession with bar carts, despite the fact that I cannot make a cocktail for the life of me.  I love the way they look in a home, and I love finding unique, Goodwill treasures to put on them.  Not interested in having your own home happy hour?  No problem!  Bar carts […]

bar cart
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