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Halloweekend 2016 DIY Costume – Grace Jones

As a follow up to my previous Halloween post, fashionistas, I finally decided who I wanted to be for Halloween and I rocked my DIY costume this past weekend! Goodwill, as usual, had my back and assisted me in composing my quick but posh costume for pennies on the dollar. Of my two options, I […]

The DCGF as Grace Jones: Halloween 2016

My “Night after Halloween” Outfit

Holy cow, dear readers! What a weekend! I hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween filled with activities, tricks and treats. Usually on Halloweekend, I like to keep it low key, by just watching movies and eating snacks. This year, however, I decided to jam my weekend with event after event. Oh my! On Friday […]

PicMonkey Collage

Trendy Tuesday: Last minute costumes, from your closet!

So, you waited until three days before Halloween to decide that you need a costume? Sounds a lot like me, dear readers. Life is busy this time of year and if you just haven’t had the time to put the thought into a get-up for your weekend festivities, I’ve got some great ideas that you’ve […]


Trendy Tuesday: Strength in Numbers, Halloween Group Costumes on a Budget!

If you’re planning on running around the spooky streets on Halloween with your fellow ghoulish friends, I’ve got some fun and affordable costumes for you today that you can surely scrounge up from your local Goodwill. My Mom always told us “strength in numbers” whenever we’d go out gallivanting on Halloween – with these group […]


Goodwill Halloween costumes: 90s favorites

Today’s Halloween costumes that are oh-so-easy to find at Goodwill come courtesy of some “classic” entertainment from the 1990s. Remember that if your costume du jour is a character with real-life tendencies (meaning, they were not a super hero or a talking animal), you’ll probably be able to find all the components of your ensemble […]

Cher Horowitz

Goodwill Halloween costumes: Leading ladies

  Last week I visited Goodwill’s local headquarters on South Dakota Avenue to see what sort of Halloween ensembles I could pick up on a budget. The staff had no idea I was coming, and the only advantage I had was that it happened to be a 25% off Tuesday for Customer Appreciation Day. Here […]

Jane Lynch from Glee

Prep your Halloween costume with vintage advice from the DCGF

This week, I’ll be spending some time in our local Goodwill stores to find some Halloween costume inspiration that you can steal on a budget. But until I can dig up those deals and compile my best ideas, I thought it would be fun to revisit some previous costumes cooked up in the DCGF archives. […]

Halle Berry Halloween costume

Save Halloween with costumes designed at home

Twas the day of Halloween, and all through the house, the candy was prepped and…wait a second…crap. You don’t have a costume, do you. Maybe Sandy had you sidetracked, or maybe you didn’t think you’d need a costume. But the great day is here, and you’re feeling a little underdressed, eh? Here are a few […]

Halloween costume

More fun Halloween costumes from Goodwill (they’re easy, too!)

Did you think last week’s suggestions for Goodwill-sourced Halloween costumes and Hurricane Sandy would be the end of it? No way, shoppers. There are more costumes ready to go! Trying to be a tough biker chick this Halloween? Maybe you want to steal my own dark costume from last year: The Girl with the Dragon […]

Female biker costume

Find these easy Halloween costumes at your local Goodwill

For those of you who may not yet believe the amazing savings you can pull off the racks at Goodwill, I’m about to prove it to you. These Halloween costumes were plucked from our South Dakota Avenue store this month, and I’m sharing them to inspire your imagination and your piggy bank alike! You may […]

Football player costume
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