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5 Brands You See at Goodwill (But You Might Not Recognize)

Fashionistas, every time I go to Goodwill I always see a brand I’ve never heard of but have seen on the racks during multiple visits. In these instances, I always try and look up the brands on my phone to see who they are, understand their history, and get a better guage of their quality. […]

5 Brands You See at Goodwill (But You Might Not Recognize)

About a Brand: Cabi

I hope you had a great weekend, fashionistas! This edition of our brand profile is about a label I’ve seen at Goodwill for years and years. This line of clothing makes beautiful and stylish garments for older women, but it all remains funky and sophisticated. Some of their clothing is edgy, and some of it […]

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A Guide to Madewell’s Clothing Tags

Dear readers, I’m not a self-proclaimed Madewell expert or an obsessee, but I love a good garment from the store. I’m not 100% familiar with all of their styles and labels, but while secondhand shopping throughout the years, I have become familiar with 3 of their most popular and most manufactured clothing brands. Madewell was […]

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