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5 Brands You See at Goodwill (But You Might Not Recognize)

Fashionistas, every time I go to Goodwill I always see a brand I’ve never heard of but have seen on the racks during multiple visits.

In these instances, I always try and look up the brands on my phone to see who they are, understand their history, and get a better guage of their quality.

Here are five brands I used to wonder about and thought you’d like to know more about too! It’s always a good idea to build your brand repertoire so you’re a more knowledgeable and savvy shopper!

A collage of two pictures: the one on the left shows a tan, leather, Rebecca Minkoff purse, the picture on the right shows a close up of the brand plate on the purse.

1.) Rebecca Minkoff

In one of my latest blog posts about the Alexandria Meetup in July, I mentioned had I found a Rebecca Minkoff purse!

Many fashionistas at the event didn’t recognize this brand and I understand where they’re coming from. I rarely see it at the big retailers I typically shop at because the brand is only sold at places like Bloomingdale’s and Neiman Marcus.

Rebecca Minkoff is a designer handbag label known for her urban and feminine stylings. She constructs everything from shoes to handbags but is mostly known for her excellently built modern bags. They’re made in a variety of fun colors and materials.

She’s been around for a few decades and her pieces are sold mostly at higher end stores. Her bags, at full retail, usually cost from $100-$500.

2.) Silence & Noise (an Urban Outfitter brand)

I’m sure you’ve seen this name many many times! Urban Outfitters has a collection of house labels and this is one of their main ones.

Silence & Noise has been around for quite a while; with pieces coming in a variety of styles inspired by all decades.

A picture of dark gray and white, long-sleeved, patterned, Lou & Grey summer dress in a size large, a pink, purple, and light blue Lilly Pulitzer tumbler cup, and a pair of black and tan woman's sandals.

A picture of the tag of the dark gray and white, long-sleeved, patterned, Lou & Grey summer dress in a size large. The tag says the dress originally sold for $69.50

3.) Lou & Grey

This is a label I learned about VERY recently. After seeing new with tags items at Goodwill, I starting listing them as our weekly #MyGoodwillFind for sale on ShopGoodwill.

Lou & Grey launched in 2014 under the Ann Taylor LOFT company. The aim was to tap into a more casual and athletic market.

This line of clothing takes cues from many of Ann Taylor’s sensibilities such as clean lines, simple patterns, and classic timeless constructs.

Lou & Grey gems typically range from $30-$100 at full retail and come in a multitude of styles from sweats to dresses.

A picture of a woman taking a selfie. You cannot see her face except the corner of her lips and chin and she is wearing a We the Free green and white horizontal striped top with a grey rine stone necklace and a pair of jeans

4.) We the Free (a Free People brand)

Free People is one of my all-time favorite boho chic brands. All of their clothing is unique; inspired by everything from 70’s disco to 60’s hippie.

I often see Free People at DC Goodwill stores along with their other lines like Intimately by Free People and today’s label: We the Free.

We the Free is a classic line inspired by distressed, “All-American”, simple styles.

A lot of their items are more basic and designed with simple colors and patterns. Many of their tops are oversized, with few pants and bottoms in their overall collection.

We the Free items typically retail for $25-$200 at full price.

A close up of a tag of a blue Vince top. The tag is black and says VINCE. There are two smaller tags attached, one that says S and the other that says made in China

5.) Vince

I have one more label for you, fashionistas!

I’ve seen this label a few times while shopping at Goodwill, but there’s a reason for that. Vince is a high quality brand and is quite expensive at full retail!

Vince, a designer brand, makes simple, classic styles of clothing, accessories, and footwear for women, men, and children. Their clothing is known to be modern, edgy, sculptural constructions and made from delicate materials like silk and linen.

Often, you’ll see a lot of Vince items come in more monotone (black, white, and gray) colors, with the occasional pop of blue or purple.

At full price, Vince items are sold from $100-$1,000 at stores like Nordstrom and Neiman’s.

Have you seen any of these brands at Goodwill, fashionistas? Let’s keep our eyes out for them at my next Meetup!

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5 Comments for 5 Brands You See at Goodwill (But You Might Not Recognize)

Swarovski Bracelet
August 28, 2017

Thanks for discovering these and sharing with all of us.
Great job!


DC Goodwill Fashionista
August 28, 2017

Thank you!

Mary Steev
August 29, 2017

Its very helpful article thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas..

Kate S
September 9, 2017

I just visited the fanciest, most boutiquey, and tiny Goodwill ever – in Hood River, OR, Saw lots of fancy brands and labels and the prices were astronomical compared with DC Goodwill’s vast bargains. Don’t know how this location in OR manages – its demographics and affluence pale in comparison to the DC metro area.

Faisal Ahmad
October 13, 2017

Thanks for sharing this amazing article its great helpful ides. Excellent for this great job.

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