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Fashionista Friday: Deb’s Talbots find at Goodwill

I couldn’t help but compliment Deb’s layered look on Instagram earlier this week. I mean, weren’t we already thinking about layers? Deb, the voice behind DC style blog Real Girl Runway, responded, “The silk blouse is Talbots and it’s a Goodwill #thrift find!” Perfect! (That’s always my reaction, but let me be excited, okay?) I love […]

Real Girl Runway layered look

Guest Blogger: Learning to Layer

If you’ve visited the “Women’s Fashion” section of Pinterest, you’ve seen it: beautiful pictures of fashion forward ladies looking absolutely perfect in an array of textured, colorful layers. I have tried to replicate the pinned looks I’ve seen online and majority of the time, I found myself feeling like the Michelin Man: so many shirts, […]

Karen Learning to Layer Fit

One outfit: 12 hours of comfort

It’s hard to believe it was nearly 75 degrees earlier this week and now I’m back in sweater-ville. But let’s think about happy times and tell you about my Monday! I attended Goodwill of Greater Washington‘s annual RISE recognition ceremony, which honored the hard work of Goodwill employees. After enjoying a lovely breakfast spread at […]

Vintage outfit at Goodwill event

This Land

When you think of Lands’ End clothing, what do you think of? I remember mail-order turtlenecks, jumpers, and holiday catalogs full of puppies on toboggans. But maybe I’m stuck in the 90s. Lands’ End has kept up with modern fashion and might surprise you with its style. For instance! Here’s a Lands’ End dress available […]


Grab your tickets for Good as New next week!

If you loved the looks that graced the Fashion of Goodwill runway last fall, you’ll love this special event next week! Tu-Anh, the stylist behind our dazzling runway adventures, has gathered her team for a trunk show full of hand-picked, beautiful items from our local DC Goodwill stores. Can’t get to the suburbs to shop […]

Good as New trunk show by Tu Anh

Fashionista Friday: Jen’s new nude shoes

“I love having small feet,” Jen declared on Instagram upon finding these never-worn Nine West heels at DC Goodwill. It’s easy to be jealous! Finding shoes is often one of the biggest challenges of shopping secondhand. Clothing that’s a bit too big can be tailored, but you can’t do much about the size of a […]

Nine West heels at Goodwill

Guest Blogger: Caring For Your Dress Shirts

Want to maximize the lifespan of your dress shirts? Off-the-shelf shirts have a two-year life expectancy. The average packaged shirt should have a wear life of 35 to 50 washings. If you can invest in custom dress shirts, they will last 5 to 7 years with proper care.  This is because custom shirts have reinforced […]

men's shirts

What not to wear (to a baseball game)

They say there’s no crying in baseball, but I manage to make the same mistake at the beginning of every season. Of course, it’s partially my fault for buying tickets to games early in the season—you know, those chilly March and April days where you’d really rather be curled up inside with a book. But […]


Nearly nautical

Dock-strolling, boardwalk-snacking days are upon us, dear reader, which results in one big question: What are you going to wear to the beach?! Whether your version of “waterfront” is a stream, river, of the big, bad Atlantic, you’ve got to have summertime style to match. Enter this bold and beautiful dress by Ophelia for FC […]

Chevron nautical dress from Goodwill

My favorite finds from Thread at Union Market

After a fun shopping experience during the holidays, I was excited to return to Union Market this past weekend for the spring edition of Thread. I’ll admit, I didn’t spend a ton of money with the vendors—some local, some visiting DC, some upscale, some quite affordable. But the collection of people passionate about their craft […]

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