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Fashionista Friday: Sam’s Homegoods Haul

Today’s Friday Fashionista feature goes out to my most loyal Meetup member and my ultra stylish shopping pal, Sam! This gal is no stranger to the sport of Goodwill shopping; you’ve seen her (and some of her finds!) from DC Goodwill bus tours, Meetups and all sorts of other events. Sam is most famously known […]


Six Under Six: Poppin’ Baubles

It is here, dear readers! My monthly review of all the fun and wonderful things you can scoop up at your local DC Goodwill store for under $6.00. Tis’ the season to be cleaning out our closets and transitioning to summery clothes (yay!), so I know you’ll be stopping by Goodwill to dump your donation […]


A Spring Topper

I am constantly looking for ways to continually evolve my style, dear readers. I love the idea that style is ever-changing; it’s lively, accompanying me where ever life decides to take me. When spring hits, I always find new and revived focus on my personal style. A lot of the time, that revival rises from […]


Guilty! The DCGF’s Fashion Faux Paux

Dear readers, you know… I consider myself a woman of style. I am utterly fascinated by fashion; how it makes us feel, how it can transform looks, how we get our hands on it, why we buy what we buy, how we put things together and the list goes on. With that said, although I’d […]


Fashionista Friday: January’s Goodwill Get-Up

Today’s Fashionista Friday honoree was spotted in the Modage Style Fashion Bus Tour Facebook group. January was an attendee on this winter’s Goodwill shopping bus tour and braved the heavy snows with the rest of us to get in some quality second hand shopping. Although our tour was cut short due to inclement weather, there […]

FF January Jones

My Favorite Thing (From Goodwill): Nude Patent Everything

I’ve got a weakness for plainly safe pieces, dear readers. Not only because they’re so obviously low-risk fashion choices but more importantly, because their versatile! At my recent Meetup at the Dale City Goodwill, I snagged myself two more key staple pieces that I just had to share with you today. Both of my most […]

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Shapely slimming Boden top

Today’s find is perfect for any fashionista who is looking to effortless enhance their shape. That sounds like a catch, doesn’t it? We all know the difficulty in maintaining our feminine shapes. Well, as your resident savvy shopping expert, part of my job is to find you pieces that work for you. I know the […]

boden top

Bermuda Shorts… should they get lost in the triangle?

Alright, dear readers, I was perusing the latest and greatest in fashion via and I was suddenly stopped in my tracks as I was flipping through an article titled “Shop Spring’s 6 Biggest Trends.” It was number two that put my jaw on the keyboard: Bermuda shorts. It wasn’t just the idea of the […]


Getting to the Sole of the Heel Debate

Dear readers, I got caught in the middle of a fashion debate while I was getting my teeth cleaned a few weeks ago and I just had to share it with you to see your thoughts on what seems to be a hot topic. As my dental hygienist was doing her usual scrape and poke […]

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Fashionista Friday: Denise Spring Sweater Scores

Today’s fashionista had the season change fresh in her mind with the latest of her Goodwill hauls! Denise is a Florida transplant to the DC Area and writes a great lifestyle blog called A Life Less Traveled (love the name!). A “thirty something former teacher, wife and fur mom,” Denise is a woman of many […]

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