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A Fashionable Farewell

Dear readers, I want to start by saying I could never bring words to the gratitude that I have for your support of this blog. I have spent the last year with you sharing style secrets, confessing my love (and sometimes hate) for particular fashion trends and gushing over my favorite Goodwill finds. You, my dear readers, […]


Guest Blogger: LOFT Lovin’

If you’re looking for classic, well made, and affordable clothes, Loft is the perfect place to shop.  Loft is the slightly trendier and more affordable partner of Ann Taylor and offers an equal mix of work and weekend wear.  Their pieces are typically on trend, but not trendy, and lean more toward classic than casual. […]

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BeBe Summer Shirtdress

What could be more perfect to kickoff the unofficial start of summer than a crisp, white summer dress? Today’s My Goodwill Find comes to you with just that summer crispness your wardrobe needs. If you’re a frequent reader of the DCGF, you know I’ve already named the shirtdress as a must have trend for 2015. […]


Barrel of Baubles, What’s Inside?

Dear readers, as I made my way to the checkout counter at the Columbia Pike Goodwill last Tuesday I had an impulse that I just couldn’t control. I spotted this large vase filled with assorted baubles for $14.99 and I couldn’t help but fantasize about what I might find inside. Goodwill often puts their baubles […]

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Happy Memorial Day!

  I’m taking the day off  to remember our service members and to celebrate the unofficial start of summer. I hope you enjoy your day and spend it with family and friends! Happy Memorial Day to you all, my dearest readers! I’ll be back tomorrow with somethings really exciting that comes in the form of a […]


Fashionista Friday: Kimberly’s Designer Gem Haul

Today’s Fashionista Friday gal graciously shared her most recent #mygoodwillfinds with me via my Facebook wall and they are beyond worthy of a savvy shopping DC Goodwill Fashionista crown. Last week’s mention, Alex, found some incredible designer purses at her local Goodwill and I am proud to announce that yet another fellow savvy shopper has […]


Guest Blogger: Love it or Leave it – Athleisure

“Sweatpants are a sign of defeat.  You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” Clearly Karl Lagerfeld is not on board with athleisure, but Rihanna, Karlie Kloss, and Kendall Jenner are rocking this trend for the paparazzi.  Let’s take a closer look at this trend that is storming the fashion world. The […]


Simple Staple Silence + Noise Dress

You know, dear readers, I talk a lot about how shopping for pieces that are versatile is the first commandment of budget shopping. The wild and wacky have their place in our closets, don’t get me wrong. But where we find savings by stretching our dollars are in pieces that can be transformed with add-ons. […]

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Staying Chic in the AC Chill

It’s that time of year, fashionistas, where checking the weather is a must before heading anywhere. May can be incredibly unpredictable when it comes to temperatures both indoors and out. If you’re like me and are working indoors all day, May can be just downright uncomfortable as you are excitedly dressed for summer but find […]


Clogs Make a Comeback

Dear readers, I have some exciting news today! As I was partaking in my usual perusal of fashion headlines, I spotted something that made me revel in a moment of nostalgic bliss. It read “Return of the Clog” and I couldn’t help by get lost in a childhood memory. You see, clogs were my absolute […]

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